2011-06-03 : A little lumpley games biz

These are, as always, direct online sales only, no cons, no retailers included:
lumpley games sales 2010-2011

1. On 2011-06-04, Larry said:

So do you have some correlating events worked out in your mind that go with the little peaks and troughs since last fall? (reviews, convention appearances, interesting APs)


2. On 2011-06-06, Vincent said:

Kind of. Those are monthly peaks and troughs, and a review or AP writeup creates like a 3- or 5- day peak, so they don't really show up here except in aggregate.

If you compare Jan-May 2011 with Jan-May 2010, you can see that they're the same shape, except that 2011 is trending upward - because Apocalypse World is still new - instead of gently downward.


3. On 2011-06-10, Simon Rogers said:

I'd like to see a cumulative totals version, with launch dates aligned.


4. On 2011-06-11, Vincent said:

That would be cool. I'll see if I can make one.


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