2011-06-06 : The 20' by 20' Room is back

So that's excellent.

The 20' by 20' Room

1. On 2011-06-06, Zac in Virginia said:

Hurrah! Thanks for the tip!


2. On 2011-06-06, Emily said:

Great news!


3. On 2011-06-06, Jim said:

Thank you for the link!


4. On 2011-06-07, Jaywalt said:

Just in time for me to say a bunch of wrong things about Apocalypse World!


5. On 2011-06-07, Vincent said:

Oh you don't seem wrong to me. I mean, when it comes to characterizing the game, whatever we say is going to be relative to the other games we know and think about, and whatever quibbles other people have are going to be relative to the other games THEY know and think about. Nobody gets to characterize the game in absolute terms.


6. On 2011-06-10, Jim said:

And, coup!


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