2011-09-03 : PAX in Tweets

So much to write about. Maybe I'll just start with this, this can be the outline. Anything jumps out at you, ask or say!

24 Aug

[to Ben Lehman] Good morning! I walked down to the corner for caffeine. Back directly.

Welcome to the future where it's easier to tweet than leave a note.

I feel like a cook at a chefs' convention. The conversations are about running a restaurant kitchen, and I like to make yummy, fun meals.
This feeling went away pretty quickly.

Good lecture, in that it gives me words, some detail, and confirmation for how my games work.

All the Q&A is about collecting data from your players when you're developing a video game, though.

Fine lecture about games as a storytelling medium - "Ebert was right" - just entirely video game oriented.

Talked a bit with the guy afterward, compare & contrast with tabletop. He knew what we were up to, knew who I was. So that's neat.

25 Aug

Okay ARGs are interesting, interesting.

I didn't tweet about it, but remind me to say something about Richard Garfield's talk.

About to speak on our panel. Had a thought about what to say, from this morning's convos with [Ben Lehman] & [Nora Last].

Panel was good. All publishing & distribution talk, no design. A teeny bit of ideology.

26 Aug

1st stop: shower. 2nd stop: Chinese bakery across from Ben's. 3rd stop: Pax!

GMing beyond the basics, indie vs trad, was great fun. Some surprising points of confluence, some unsurprising ones.

How to design and publish your RPG the indie way was fun, but more serious. We did our best to tell what needed telling, good & bad.

This thing where [Elizabeth Shoemaker Sampat] isn't here at Pax is :-(
Elizabeth had been scheduled to be on a couple of panels with me, but job obligations kept her from attending.

[To Elizabeth Shoemaker Sampat] Thanks for your contribution through Nora. The panel was good.

Just played High Quality Roleplaying with a large number of people. An evil wizard burned me to death!

27 Aug

I don't know if anyone's recording our panels here. After the con I'll write about them as best I can. I hope others will too.

[Brandon Amancio says:] "While at GMing rnd tbl, it was fun/painful watching [Vincent] almost burst from wanting to speak, but it not being 'his turn.'"

From a panel at dev I have maybe the best idea I've had in a long, long time. Watch this space. [Ref: Psi*Run]

Long, excellent conversation with [Sage La Torra] about AW's & DW's respective visions and ambitions. Deeply compatible.

28 Aug

Dim sum with [Ben Lehman] and [Nora Last]!

On my way to pax, last day. Gotta print playbooks for my noon game, gotta find out where it is.

At the convention center copy shop. The world is fallen, imperfect and corrupt, but people are helpful.

Gorgeous Apocalypse World setup: holding & establishment, quarantine & touchstone, brainer & unwelcome chopper.

Holy crap some good Apocalypse World.

Sichuan hot pot with [Ben], [Mickey], [Ogre], and Colin. BELLY IS FULL.

Talking game design with [Nora Last] and [Ben Lehman]. Deep, dark game design, of the sort that's burned me before.

29 Aug

In the airport waiting for my plane. I always fall in love with every city I visit, but damn.

Reading The Regiment in the airport. Its mix of gravity, levity and irony is potent as hell. [attn John Harper]

Also, Escape From the Aliens in Outer Space is my new favorite game of all time. Can't WAIT until it's available again.

I realized as the plane touched down [in Chicago] that I haven't sung a note, even in the shower, for a solid week. No wonder I feel weird.

It's just possible that I'll finish [Kip Manley]'s City of Roses vol 1 before I'm all the way home tonight. Wake Up...
I didn't quite finish it.

Descending over the city lights, listening pretty far deep into the Paul Simon discography. Almost home.

1. On 2011-09-04, Vincent said:

2 Sep

I also came back from Pax a fan of the Doubleclicks.

[The Doubleclicks say:] "We came back from PAX really wanting to play Apocalypse World. Win/win?"



2. On 2011-09-04, Esoteric said:

Yes, that's very much win. Did you demo a game for them?


3. On 2011-09-04, Vincent said:

I didn't. I'm not sure if someone did (if you did, speak up!) or if someone just showed it to them.

John Harper introduced me to them. (I think it was John Harper who did - if it wasn't, correct me, someone!) At that point I'd never heard their music and I don't think they'd ever seen my games.

I say I'm a little starstruck, and I guess it's true, but really I'm more talentstruck. Their songs are good and funny.


4. On 2011-09-04, Lukas said:

I think I remember John Harper saying he was running Dungeon World for The Doubleclicks, Brendan Adkins, and maybe one other person.


5. On 2011-09-05, Lukas said:

Also, I was sad not to get to talk to you for a few minutes while you were in town, our momentary elevator encounter notwithstanding. By the time I was done working every night, you had already left the convention from what I could tell. Hopefully I'll see you in Boston in April!


6. On 2011-09-05, John Harper said:

I did! We had a blast. They're the best.


7. On 2011-09-06, Meguey said:

I want to hear all these stories!

Plus Lukas, the thought of seeing you (and maybe Lesley?) in April makes me happy!


8. On 2011-09-06, Vincent said:

I'm pretty sure that Ben and Nora are Poison'd's two biggest fans (runners up: John Harper, Julia Ellingboe, Graham Walmsley). They talked SO NICE to me about that game.

Hi, Ben and Nora! I miss you!

I have a little mechanical change to fights in Poison'd that I want to test. I wish I lived near them (and they don't even live near each other). Anybody local feel like undertaking some bloody damned piracy?


9. On 2011-09-06, Vincent said:

Lukas, me too. As we were walking away, Ben said to me: "well, that's probably all we'll see of Lukas." Bummer.


10. On 2011-09-06, Marhault said:

I'd happily read a full post based on any of those Tweets, but what I really want to know about:

Why did that feeling (from the first day) go away?
Tell us about deep, dark, Vincent-burning game design!
Your thoughts on ARGs.  Oh, please tell!


11. On 2011-09-06, Vincent said:

I just lost the first half of a pretty big post about two of the panels. There will be a slight delay while I muster the will to recreate it. :-(

Marhault: Good list, thanks! I'll do what I can.

I don't know how much more I'll say about deep, dark, Vincent-burning game design, beyond "Ben and Nora are Poison'd's two biggest fans." We'll see if I can find the courage.


12. On 2011-09-06, Ben Lehman said:

Hey, if you want to talk about why Nora and I are poison'd's biggest fans, you're welcome to talk about assault survivor issues, at least for me. Don't feel like it's a secret or anything.


13. On 2011-09-06, John Harper said:

I'm Poison'd's third biggest fan. (Look at those crazy apostrophes!) Yes, I can live with that.

I'm glad we got a chance to talk about LLAMA FLAMES. Did you say you were getting art for that (those)? I had an idea for a thing to make, but if you have it covered maybe I won't (or maybe I will anyway).



14. On 2011-09-07, Larry said:

Exciting stuff. Thank you for translating from Twitter-speak.


15. On 2012-01-20, Marhault said:

Hey, Vincent.  I'm not sure if there's a post in this or not, but I'd still love to hear your thoughts on ARGS.


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