Every time, I come back with a new excellent project. Like stupid clockwork.

I don't have time for you, new excellent project! I got things to do!

Oh hey, come to think a second, you know what it's time for? To help maybe move the queue along, maybe someday make some space in the ol' schedule? It's time for a T-minus.

Let's say, um, T minus 10.

T minus 10!

1. On 2011-09-12, Marhault said:

Hell yeah!


2. On 2011-09-12, Seth Ben-Ezra said:

Excuse me, Vincent! Ten of what? Minutes? Days? Months? I don't want any weaseling later. ;-)


3. On 2011-09-12, Vincent said:

Always days.

This is one of those irritating T-minuses though where at the end I'm like, yay! Did it! And you all are like, did what? And I'm like, oh, just a thing that needed doing, nothing available for the public yet. And you're like, dammit, then why did you waste our attention like that? And I'm like, it just helped me get it done, thanks. And you're like, frickin VINCENT.


4. On 2011-09-12, Vincent said:

Oh and nothing like setting myself a deadline for one project to make another leap up and try to win my attention with fun good developments.

Down, Llama Flames. DOWN! I GOT THINGS TO DO.


5. On 2011-09-12, Thor said:

Go Vincent!!!!!!

Beat back that urge to finish other projects. Those projects, of which we know nothing, are stupid and deserve to be thrown under the bus in favor of this new project, of which we also know nothing.

to reiterate, Go Vincent!!!!!!

... Oh, and update the countdown clock already.


6. On 2011-09-12, Ben Lehman said:

Oh, hey, speaking of other projects, remember to get me the poison'd variants sometime in the next month-or-so.


7. On 2011-09-13, Joel said:

The poison'd WHAT now?


8. On 2011-09-13, Eppy said:

I walked away from this C&GD with a really stupid idea, myself. A stupid idea with legs. Sexy, sexy legs.


9. On 2011-09-13, Vincent said:

T minus 9.


10. On 2011-09-13, Moreno R. said:

Hi Vincent, do you know how some people lose track of their counting if they hear someone else counting?

T minus 3!

(Sorry. I couldn't resist...)


11. On 2011-09-13, Vincent said:

Joel: Just a quick change to how fights escalate, it hit me with a resounding "duh" the other day. I owe Ben to go through, reconcile it with the existing rules everywhere they touch, then write it up. I may just post it here, it depends how shaky it seems when it's real.


12. On 2011-09-13, Marshall B said:

(Hey Joel, if you want Poison'd hacks, I did the basis of one for doing stuff like the Threepenny Opera or Sweeney Todd. I never did get to test it, but you may be interested. If I can find it.)


13. On 2011-09-13, Rich D said:

Down, Llama Flames.

I really, really want that to be a real name of something you are working on, just to find out what it is.


14. On 2011-09-13, Joel said:

(Marshall, you bet i am!)


15. On 2011-09-13, Vincent said:

T minus 2.



16. On 2011-09-13, Marshall B said:

(Joel, I don't seem to have your email address? I thought I did. Remind me?)


17. On 2011-09-14, Vincent said:

I MEAN IT LLAMA FLAMES. Stop being the most fun to work on. I got a countdown going and IT'S NOT YOU.


18. On 2011-09-14, Esoteric said:

Caps lock Vincent is caps locking.


19. On 2011-09-14, Christoph Boeckle said:

Go go Vincent!

So, um, what does it actually mean, for you, once you've set your countdown? Do you sit down, leaving kids and wife to fend for themselves, eating nothing and drinking little, blowing off work and just write pages and pages of stuff? Or, you know, catch a couple of hours here and there and just get something done?


20. On 2011-09-14, Vincent said:

The latter. Plus a couple of late nights at T-2 and T-1.

I catch a couple hours here and there all the time anyway - I work on something pretty much every day. Setting myself a countdown means that I choose to work on that one thing every day, when otherwise I might work on something funner, easier, and less close to done.

I choose my countdowns as realistically as I can, given how much work I think I have left. This countdown is for Psi*Run's final page layout, which is already well underway, for instance. If I don't make the deadline I'm a slouch.


21. On 2011-09-14, Meguey said:

Mostly what a count-down means, from my angle, is that yes, all available time is spent writing, thinking, illustrating, laying out, proofing etc the current project in count-down. It's like an alert to the family that we're going to have less complicated meals, play fewer games as a family, and basically Vincent's busy. He's not isolated, just preoccupied.


22. On 2011-09-14, Christoph Boeckle said:

Cool, thanks for sharing this, Vincent and Meguey.


23. On 2011-09-14, Gregor said:

Frickin VINCENT.

Anyway, really really hoping I can catch you guys at Lucca this year.


24. On 2011-09-14, Vincent said:

Okay, Llama Flames, look. I know you're the best thing ever, and you're coming along at a pace where it's possible I'll have a playtest document for Saturday's shindig. I know. But come on, you have to back off. Have to! Please?

Or okay, we'll compromise. I'll get that playtest document done for Saturday, but handwave some parts. Good enough?




25. On 2011-09-15, Vincent said:

T minus 7.


26. On 2011-09-16, Vincent said:

T minus 6.

But stupid insistent Llama Flames has stolen a day or two for itself. If I come out the other side of this countdown two days late, blame IT, not me.


27. On 2011-09-18, Vincent said:

T minus 5.
T minus 4.


28. On 2011-09-20, Vincent said:

T minus 3.
T minus 2.



29. On 2011-09-22, Vincent said:

T minus 1.
T minus 0.


30. On 2011-09-22, Vincent said:

And done. Thanks for your kind attention, everyone! It will pay off soon!


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