2011-11-08 : Italy Story 2

Andrea and Debora gave me a beautiful, touching gift.

Part 1 of the gift was a Dogs' coat.

I didn't know how or whether to declare part 2 at customs. It seems obvious now, but who knew? So I put it in a clear plastic bag in our suitcase with some game books next to it and crossed my fingers.

In the Florence airport:
Attendant: Passenger Baker to gate 5, please.
Me: Hello, I'm passenger Baker.
Attendant: There's a question about your luggage.
Me: Of course there is.

The Italian security officer who had me open the suitcase was entertained by it. He swaggered around a little, bowlegged, chuckling.

In the Boston airport:
I'm putting the suitcase on the conveyor into the x-ray machine at agricultural customs. We stopped there first to declare the tulip bulbs we bought in the Amsterdam airport.
Me: You're going to see something pretty interesting in there.
Customs officer: So I do. Is it real?
Me: It's a prop.
Customs officer: I see. Please take your suitcase and follow me.
I take my suitcase and follow her to a security desk.
Customs officer: [whispers to security officer].
Security officer, to me: Open the suitcase please, then step back.
Security officer, to customs officer: Wait. He has a handgun, and you let him carry his suitcase himself?
Customs officer: Uh.
Security officer: Seriously?
Customs officer: Well, it's a prop—
Security officer: Then why did you bring him over here at all?
Customs officer: Uh oh.
Security officer, shaking her head: I'll talk to you LATER.

It's quite a cool prop sixgun. I've been shooting caps off with it in my bedroom. This isn't strictly allowed by household rules, but I can't help it!

1. On 2011-11-08, Timo said:

Dog's coat!  Fantastic.  I've been trying to think about how to make one myself.  Any chance of there being pictures?


2. On 2011-11-08, Meguey said:

There are two good, simple ways to make a Dogs coat.
One is to get a wool or other fabric coat that 'feels right', to you, and applique patches or strips or even striped cloth to it.
Two is to make a coat on the model of the Australian Drover's Coat ( ). You would first make patchwork material, then cut the pattern pieces from the patchwork, then sew the coat together according to the directions.

Also, when your partner is called into the security office in the airport of a different country, make sure you have at least one of the following in your carry-on bag, not theirs: passport, photo ID, backup photo copies of same, cell phone and all the cash either of you have in any currency. That moment when I realized Vincent had all of the above with him, and I was sitting in the Florence airport with no ID, no cash, and no way to contact anyone if things went weird - that was pretty exciting!


3. On 2011-11-08, Adam said:

Second on the pictures request. That sounds really cool, and I am immediately envious! Mostly about that security officer not requiring a strip-search though ? well done on avoidance!


4. On 2011-11-09, Ron Edwards said:

Its name is Vera.


5. On 2011-11-09, Leftahead said:

Household rules? Is there a 'no war toys' rule at your place or similar?

-Jim C.


6. On 2011-11-09, Moreno R. said:

Timo, you want pictures? I have them! (from Narrattiva's gallery)

The Full regalia, with Ezio as model

Vimcent receive the gift...

...and open it

Let's see how it fit

He likes it!

Andrea, Meguey, Vincent, Debora: four dogs, ready to fight any sorcerer!

At home, it's made clear who wears the coat in the family

Bonus pics!

The goodbye at the airport. As you can see, everybody was still sleeping

Someone from Apocalypse Word did come back to play with Vincent! Somebody should do a playbook about him...

The scariest monster of all

(Sorry Vincent, I was building the links one by one when I stupidly clicked "submit" instead of "preview" and posted that mess. Can delete my previous comments please?)


7. On 2011-11-09, Vincent said:

No problem, got 'em.

Thanks for the pictures!


8. On 2011-11-10, Meguey said:

Jim C, it's more a "don't set off explosives in the house" sort of rule. Although this particular thing has been put on a 'don't touch without Dad' basis, because of the potential for chaos.


9. On 2011-11-10, Seth Ben-Ezra said:

As a father of six, I can approve of the "no explosives in the house" rule.


10. On 2012-01-03, Robert Bohl said:

My favorite moment around this coat was, as it was being presented, someone said, "Let's hear it for the guy who started it all!" and there was applause, but then Vincent goes, "Yes, let's hear it for Ron Edwards!"


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