2011-11-06 : Italy Story 1

It's very short!

Italians love their regions.

Whoever's speaking, their own region has its one cheese for which it's known. Except Matteo, whose region is admitted universally to be the region for cheese.

Whoever's speaking, their own region is known as the region for wine. They get into fistfights about this. Except Ezio, but Ezio is quick to explain that his region is definitely the region for wine for his region's cuisine.

In Ezio's region, pork is "the animal," in the same way that in Claudia & Michele's, to drink wine is "to drink."

Sardinia is, according to Matteo, the region for girls. I was expecting a fistfight over this, but there wasn't one.

1. On 2011-11-06, Moreno R. said:

It's even worse: me, Claudia, Michele, Ezio, Luca and Katia are from the same region, but we could go to fistfights about whose PART of the region has the best cuisine!!

As if it isn't clear to anybody with any sense that Romagna ( ) has the best cuisine in the world! Ask Ron...


2. On 2011-11-06, Brand Robins said:

Man, I'd forgotten how much I need to go to Italy.

Thanks for the reminder.


3. On 2011-11-06, Avram said:

I was expecting a bunch of RPG rules to come out of this. ("When someone insults your region's cheese, roll Honor plus Aggression....")


4. On 2011-11-07, Jay Loomis said:

When I was in Italy in the Air Force years ago, there were a bunch of young guys who liked to hang out with the Americans. We asked them about their derogatory terms for different sorts of people, hoping to learn some colloquial Italian. They claimed they had none for Americans, but were likely bullshitting us, they seemed generally at a loss for describing other Europeans, but, when we started talking about what they called Italians from somewhere else (especially southern Italy, as I was near Venice in the north) they had a rapid-fire list of insults that we couldn't keep up with.

Also, they explained to us how they have to learn several different dialects of Italian in school: textbook Italian, the regional dialect, and the local flavor. I guess that's what you get in a land where nationalism never really happened.


5. On 2011-11-07, Rafu said:

"Nationalism never really happened" is a cute quote and I'd love it to be true, but I don't think it is. We had our fair share of ugly.


6. On 2011-11-07, Robert Bohl said:

Oh my god the food


7. On 2011-11-08, Matt Wilson said:

Maybe I'll take a trip to Italy soon. Sounds nice.


8. On 2011-11-09, Matteo Suppo said:

It's true, we don't have derogatory names for Americans. We just call them... Americans.

A friend of mine is from South America, though, and she calls Americans Gringos.


9. On 2011-11-13, Renato Ramonda said:

...but, to be fair, that "Americans" is often told with a roll of the eyes and the tone of "well, you know, Americans! What did you expect?".

Oh and "Americanata" (American-y thing) is synonymous with exaggerated, overblown, overdone, too big and too loud. Generally said of movies, but not always.


10. On 2011-11-14, Meguey said:

The one day Rob and I got the strange ramen noodles for lunch, someone asked us if we were from Canada. We both felt pleased to be mistaken for Canadian.


11. On 2011-11-14, Rafu said:

Renato: true!

To be fair, I often pitch an indie game like this: "Yes, I know it's American, but this one is really good!"


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