2011-10-25 : Going to Lucca

Meg and I will be at Lucca Comics & Games in Italy this week. If you're there too, find us and say hi!

I will do my very damnedest to fulfill Murderous Ghosts PDFs in time for Halloween night, but if you want to be certain, order in the next hour, hour and a half.

I'll be back with more Going Into Darkness next week.


1. On 2011-10-25, Judd said:

I've been putting off buying this but it'd be nice to have around for the spooky season.


2. On 2011-10-25, Judd said:

Also, have fun!

Can't wait to hear about your trip when you get back.


3. On 2011-10-25, Gregor Hutton said:

Meg and you will have a great time at Lucca. Eat well and enjoy the convention!


4. On 2011-10-25, Mauro said:

See you in Lucca!


5. On 2011-10-25, Rafu said:

Despite my best judgment, I'll probably be in Lucca as well, stuck demo-ing games at the "Indie Palace" over the weekend or something? So, see you there.

Hey, Greg: it's a "convention" as in GenCon, not a convention as in GnoccoCon, sadly enough: more work than fun. But still?


6. On 2011-10-29, Vincent said:

Looking forward to hearing your stories!


7. On 2011-10-30, nolandda said:

Buon viaggio!


8. On 2011-11-04, Eppy said:

What have you learned?!

I must know!


9. On 2011-11-04, Vincent said:

Holy cow the learning. Where to start!

Right now I have to sift out the in-person topics from the Internet-feasible ones. Then I can tell some stories.

Meg and I fell most utterly in love with Tuscany. We're committed to going back, as soon and as often, and bringing as many of our loved ones, as we can manage.


10. On 2011-11-06, Rafu said:

In that case, you'll probably find some couches to surf. Just ask!


11. On 2011-11-09, Matteo Suppo said:

Tuscany is the region of landscape, imho.

Also, the girls aren't bad ^^


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