2011-10-23 : Murderous Ghosts for sale

So that's pretty exciting!

Murderous Ghosts

Buy the PDFs for $5. Preorder the booklets in print for $10+s&h and get the PDFs right away for no extra. As always, buying the game entitles you to free lifetime PDF updates.

Buy it here.

And a gigantic heartfelt thank you to all the playtesters. You're tremendous.

1. On 2011-10-23, Larry said:

Hey, I really dig the board game style players/time/age thingy.


2. On 2011-10-23, Keith said:

Are there any major differences between this and the last updated playtest version?


3. On 2011-10-23, Alan said:

What's the format factor of the booklets?  Same as the cutting-and-stapling PDF?  Heavier paper or heavy covers?


4. On 2011-10-23, Matteo Suppo said:

I was going to ask if you could bring them with you here in Italy, but then I realized the books aren't printed yet. Nevermind xD


5. On 2011-10-23, Vincent said:

Larry: Cool! Thanks.

Keith: The gameplay and structure are the same, with a few organizational changes. The text is expanded and better.

Alan: Yeah. Half-letter landscape, saddle stapled. I haven't made decisions about paper yet.

Matteo: I'll have a home-printed copy with me to play with, but you're right. No books yet.


6. On 2011-10-23, Vincent said:

Typo! Spotted by Gregor Hutton:

In the player book's "MC's Draw" section, 2nd paragraph. The MC draws a card face down into her hand, not into your hand.

I'll correct it in the files soon, but meanwhile, it's just a typo, don't get confused.


7. On 2011-10-24, Patrick M said:

I played it yesterday and I'm definitely going to buy it (i't definitely worth 5$ ;) )

A question: what if I wanted to translate it in italian? (assuming I find the time to)


8. On 2011-10-24, Vincent said:

Just a few of my fave pieces of playtest feedback.

I got frustrated dying too early, without getting a chance to know why the ghost was doing what it was doing. Am I a whiny narrativist?

B—'s death was anticlimactic - it was as if we were expecting her to be the protagonist of the horror movie but she turned out to be the character who dies in the first sequence.

Every two-player rpg I've played before (s/lay w/me and some stuff I've invented) had "I feel too on the spot" problems - (does that make sense?) - this game seems to magically solve that, I'm not sure how - by encouraging the GM to think about the setting beforehand?  By giving clear instructions on every page?  By a laser focus on a particular setting?  Anyhow, it's magic, worked really well.

the rest of the actors in my shakespeare troupe are seriously gonna miss me if i die down here... we sort of suck but still

Very effective, innovative, and creepy game. Well done.


9. On 2011-10-24, Rafu said:

Is the word "intense" in "intense horror" supposed to go with some incomprehensible Ron Edwards gesture only the California-born can hope to understand?


10. On 2011-10-25, Judson said:

Oh gods, I've just had a vision of playing this with Christopher Kubasik and I'm not sure if that sensation is thrill or terror.


11. On 2011-10-27, Ron Edwards said:

It's a sad, sad day when an Italian claims he is unable to comprehend the importance of hand gesturing in conveying the essential meaning of a concept.

At some of the big dinner get-togethers in Bertinoro, with close seating, I was sitting there thinking, "Someone's gonna lose an eye."

Put one hand in front of your chest, palm up, fingers open and relaxed. Now tremble your whole hand, mainly from the elbow, such that your fingers are wiggled. Say the word "intense" at the same time.

How hard was that?

The above was provided in service to the desire to understand the phrase "intense horror." You're welcome.


12. On 2011-10-31, James Nostack said:

We sat down to play "Murderous Ghosts."  I thought of some "terrible human violence."  I creeped myself out before play even started.


13. On 2011-10-31, James Nostack said:

Possible typo, MC's Playbook PDF, section 3, bottom of section: "If you haven't played before [...] read 43."  43 says the other player can now escape and the MC has lost.  Maybe that's intentional, but as a new player I'm befuddled by what I'm supposed to take from it.


14. On 2011-10-31, James Nostack said:

Possible typo, MC's Playbook PDF: section 39, which the MC turns to when the Other Player decides to give up (Other Player book section 48) says that the MC has won the game by frightening off the other player.  The introduction to the MC's book, however, says that the MC loses if the Other Player stops trying to escape (which I take to include freaking the player out so much that she opts to quit playing).


15. On 2011-11-03, Vincent said:


at 12: Cool!

at 13: Thanks! I swapped the places of 2 of the high-number MC entries at the last minute and forgot to go back through. There are a couple of other such misnumberings and I'll fix 'em.

at 14: Nope! Freaking the other player out enough to quit is a win for sure. Read the MC intro text to say "if the other player loses urgency and stops trying to escape, that means your ghosts aren't scary, and you're going to lose."


16. On 2011-11-04, Vincent said:

Here's a lovely old Forge post by Ron on the subject of intense horror: HORROR AND TERROR.


17. On 2011-11-21, Alex said:

Hi, I bought it (pdf & books) 10 days ago, and did not receive mail of confirmation or anything.

Then I realized "Hey, is the game totally written ?"

There is my question : is the pdf avalaible right now, or not ? If it is, I guess I've got a problem because I have no download link. If it's not, that's cool, no problem, I can wait.


18. On 2011-11-21, Vincent said:

Alex, yes, the PDF is available now, and I should have sent you a link. Email me!


19. On 2011-11-23, Alex said:

Mail sent at


20. On 2011-11-24, Simon R said:

Hi, Vincent, are there any actual play posts of the finished game anywhere?


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