2011-11-14 : Nutso Many Games

Italy 10-26-2011 - 11-2-2011
Friday: Apocalypse World.
Saturday: Dogs in the Vineyard, Apocalypse World.
Sunday: Apocalypse World, Dogs in the Vineyard.
Monday: Apocalypse World.
Tuesday: 1/2 Dogs in the Vineyard.

Home 11-3-2011 - 11-10-2011
Monday: Lamentations of the Flame Princess.

Burning Apocalypse 11-11-2011 - 11-13-2011
Saturday: Blasters For Hire, Mouse Guard, Burning Reservoir Dogs.
Sunday: Apocalypse World.

11 1/2 games in 18 days. Basically 2 games per 3 days for almost 3 weeks running.

I think I gotta lie down.

1. On 2011-11-14, Vincent said:

No Apocalypse World on this upcoming Wednesday, but Annalise on this upcoming Friday.


2. On 2011-11-14, Alex D. said:

That's nutso!
I think I've played maybe 11 1/2 games in, oh, two years (but only if you count ongoing games as 1, not sessions).

Crazy! Kind of a weird question, but does it get a bit tiring?


3. On 2011-11-14, Vincent said:

A bit, yes.

The most tiring thing - not surprising, probably - is that since they're all 1-shots, they can't build momentum. Effectively, I launched 5 Apocalypse World campaigns, without any of them developing to the point where I could sit back and let them coast.

Running one 5-session Apocalypse World mini-campaign in 3 weeks would have been demanding in its own way too, though. Especially with those other games thrown in around it.


4. On 2011-11-14, Alex D. said:

Oh, yeah. I have a terrible habit, since my play's been so sparse lately, of starting games and then, two months later when I play again, just starting another game rather than continuing the previous.

It can be vexing to not have that continuity and momentum. Plus, you (or, at least, I) are always left to wonder what became of those people and situations.


5. On 2011-11-14, Moreno R. said:

It's the reason I never play Primetime Adventures demo games, if the premise of the series is interesting it's incredibly frustrating not being able to play it after that one time.

With DitV at least it's interesting to see how different groups react to the same city, but it's still a frustrating way to play.


6. On 2011-11-15, Ego said:

"Burning Reservoir Dogs"
Whoa, hold on, tell me more!

I gotta try that one. My friends and I are all huge Reservoir Dogs fans, did it work out well?


7. On 2011-11-15, Vincent said:

It was great. I played such a broken down old man.

I think it may have been, believe it or not, the first time that Luke and I played a roleplaying game together, neither of us GMing.


8. On 2011-11-16, Josh W said:

How often do you normally play?

I'm only playing 1.5 games per week and finding it pretty tiring, but each of those is like 5 hours each!


9. On 2011-11-16, Meguey said:

Enrico asked me this at Lucca, so I'll answer it, as Vincent is putting our youngest to bed. All of these flex as needed around people's lives.

Every other Friday: Annalise with Evan, Kat, and Julia.

Every other other Friday: Tunnels & Trolls with Emily, Eppy, and our whole family. Eppy runs.

Roughly weekly, but at most 3 times a month: Vincent goes to play something with Rob and Joshua, Emily and Eppy. Right now it's Apocalypse World, and Rob's running.

Occasionally: Blasters for Hire, run by Sebastian for Eppy, Elliot, Tovey, Seb's friend Josh, and occasionally Vincent.

Roughly every other Monday: Meg plays with Julia and three other women, various games (this is a new group starting on Monday!)

Wistfully: Apocalypse World with Evan, Kat, and Jim. Meg runs. We haven't played since Jim moved to NYC.

So that's two solid games a week for each adult in the house, and twice-monthly games for the kids. I figure 4 hours is the usual max length of a session, with 3 being more likely.


10. On 2011-11-16, Meguey said:

I knew I was forgetting at least one game.

We also play Lamentations of the Flame Princess roughly once a month with Sam and Rob and Eppy.


11. On 2011-11-17, Leftahead said:

Hah! I was doing that kind of thing regularly back in my store days. It's the three months of cold turkey non-gaming that have made me crazy lately!

Great to see and game with you and Seb, Vincent. Hoping we can squeeze in a game over TG weekend when I am in town.



12. On 2011-11-21, Vincent said:

Alas! We won't be. We'll be visiting my family out in New York State.

Here's an episode from Burning Reservoir Dogs, though. Contains swears.

Mr Green: Look what I have! [holds up a hand grenade]
Mr Cotton: Holy fuck, kid. Put that away. What the fuck.
Mr Cotton: Where did you even get that?
Mr Green: On the internet.
Mr Cotton: Fuck. Kid. What the fuck.


Mr Cotton: There's been a mistake.
Mr Burlap: Mr Big set us up.
Mr Cotton: He's my uncle. He didn't fuckin set us up.
Mr Burlap: Fuckin whatever. If you trust him you trust him.
Mr Burlap: But the fact is, he sent thugs to fuckin murder us.
Mr Cotton: Because of a mistake.
Mr Burlap: Whatever. The fact fuckin is.
Mr Burlap: So what do we do?
Mr Green: [holds up a hand grenade]
Mr Cotton: No fuckin way. Kid, put that fuckin thing—
Mr Cotton: [thinks]
Mr Green: [grins]
Mr Burlap: Kid that's the best fuckin idea any of us ever had.

In a game full of colossal dice disasters, Mr Green swerves into a side street to break line of sight, hands off driving, rolls out of the car, and perfectly times his grenade to go off under the thugs' car. Four die rolls in a row turn up 4 or 5 successes on 6 or 7 dice. Nuts! Mr Cotton and Mr Burlap execute the thugs as they stumble out of their car. Two minutes later we're back on the road.

We're sitting there staring at Mr Green, who's grinning like he knew it would work all along.

It was hot.


GM: Did you check the trunk?
Luke: I forgot.


13. On 2011-11-23, Evan Torner said:

And that Annalise game is, as Eppy says, a sloooooooooow burn.

I pretty much had to hack off all my gaming activities for this semester so I could finish my dissertation, job applications and article publications.

But the spring shall hopefully bring me into gaming availability again.


14. On 2012-01-03, Robert Bohl said:

Well, ongoing AW is starting soon, and I mean to make this game happen as often as I can before I move.


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