2011-11-23 : Celebrating the Apocalypse

the Indie RPG Awards, Lucca Games Best of Show, the Golden Geeks Game of the Year

It was a good year for Apocalypse World!

The Indie RPG Awards: Indie Game of the Year, Best Support, and Most Innovative Game.

The Lucca Games Best of Show (for Il Mondo dell'Apocalisse).

The Golden Geeks Game of the Year.

To celebrate and to say thanks, I'm marking the Apocalypse World PDF down to $10 until the end of the year, and including all 6 of my limited ed playbooks: the Maestro D', the Faceless, the Quarantine, the Hoarder, the Touchstone, and the Marmot.

Thank you! I'm blown away.

1. On 2011-11-23, The Chatty Dm said:

All are well deserved recognitions of a game that has reshaped my outlook on how to GM at the table.

Thanks for making this great game Vincent. I enjoy it immensely!


2. On 2011-11-23, Simon R said:

Apocalypse World has some of the tightest and best system-embedded GM advice I've ever read. It's viscious. Well done, and well deserved.


3. On 2011-11-23, Jim D. said:

Well deserved kudos all around.  A groundbreaking piece to players, GMs, and authors alike, myself included.  Congratulations, sir.


4. On 2011-11-23, Dionysus said:

Awesome - any way of just buying the limited edition playbooks pdf?


5. On 2011-11-24, Erik Weissengruber said:



6. On 2011-11-25, Leftahead said:

Sincere congratulations, Vincent! All of these are well-deserved.



7. On 2011-11-29, stefoid said:

Good on ya!


8. On 2011-12-04, Krippler said:

Well deserved. Apocalypse World is the best roleplaying game.


9. On 2011-12-23, Alejandro said:


Now I have a question: If I buy the book (the physical book) before the end of the year, do I get the 6 limited ed playbooks with the PDF?

That would be nice. :)


10. On 2011-12-23, Vincent said:

You do, yes!


11. On 2011-12-23, Alejandro said:

Cool. Thanks!


12. On 2011-12-29, Alex A Biral said:

Just wanted to mention that my new Apocalypse World copy just arrived. Thanks for the prompt shipping, Vincent. Those limited editions playbooks are also pretty fun.


13. On 2011-12-31, Hanklevoncrankle said:

Congrats Vincent!
Well deserved awards!

Apoc World is the best game I've played in my many years of gaming

Keep up the good work



14. On 2012-01-04, Alejandro said:

A friend of mine bought the book for me last week, so my question now is: How do I get the PDFs? (Or how can he get the PDF?) I can't find your email adress.

I can't wait to put my hands on the limited edition playbooks.


15. On 2012-01-05, Vincent said:

Oh! My email address is lumpley at the gmail.


16. On 2012-01-06, Alejandro said:

Thanks! I told my friend that sent you an email.

Tonight I'm gonna kill a rare beautiful tropical fish in your name. n_n


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