2011-12-21 : This Epimas, give the gift of murder

Epiclaus, that wicked old elf, has arranged for a holiday of (select all that apply):
















Time Travel Shenanigans

Hark Hear the Bells!


Send someone special the gift of gaming this Epimas, and get a little something for yourself in return.

Each PDF listed below costs only two dollars and twenty-two cents!

What's more, if you buy a PDF for a friend (to be delivered on Dec. 24th, the traditional Epimas), you get your very own copy of that PDF for free (and before they do, so you can read up and teach them how to play on Epimas).

And normally that would be enough . . . for mere mortals. But we're not dealing with mere mortals here. We're dealing with Father Epimas and the Solstice Fairy. And the Solstice Fairy says there should be more!

So, thanks to the Solstice Fairy's insistence, each and every order comes with a free PDF copy of Nathan D. Paoletta's short form game Witness the Murder of Your Father and Be Ashamed, Young Prince.

So rejoice and sing out! There will be an Epimas after all!

1. On 2011-12-22, Vincent said:

Now with convenient multi-game bundles! Baby, It's Cold Outside


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