2011-12-25 : PSI*RUN

Psi*Run is up for preorder over at Night Sky Games.

So that's good.


1. On 2011-12-25, Wightbred said:

Really interested in this, but would like a little more detail before I throw in my cash. The link is to the buy page and all the search results seem old / before my indie experience started (so I haven't been following progress). Is there a current discussion with more setting and even some rules going on anywhere yet?


2. On 2011-12-26, Vincent said:

Nowhere yet!


3. On 2011-12-26, Wightbred said:

OK, I'll wait for a tasty review or forum to spring up. The concept sounds excellent, but I want to check it would suit my regular group.


4. On 2011-12-30, Jamie said:

Here's a tasty AP:


5. On 2011-12-31, Alex D said:

Is there a good way to ask questions of Meguey? I had assumed that the link to "" on the games page would lead to a web site or blog, but it leads back to the same page on the un-store.

Primarily, I'm curious if the game'd be good for one player, one GM (or is even playable this way). I've got a friend coming over sunday, and I'm looking for a game to play with him - I'd definitely grab the PDF if it's doable one-on-one.



6. On 2011-12-31, C. Edwards said:


I played it with just two people a couple days ago. Seemed to work just fine. You just have to adjust for the results that require another player (besides you or the GM) to narrate one of your die rolls.


7. On 2011-12-31, Meguey said:

HI, Alex and Chris,
Yes, that is the way to work it for just one Runner and one GM. Thanks for playing!


8. On 2012-01-01, Wightbred said:

Awesome Jamie, your tasty AP really hit the spot. Ordering as soon as I get the chance.


9. On 2012-01-01, Alex A Biral said:

I have two questions. First, I understand that PSI*RUN was already published before. Is this like a second edition of the game or something? If so, what was changed?

Second, while making my pre-order, I noticed Murderous Ghosts i also listed under Night Sky Games. Does this mean that the Trauma Games that was mentioned before is no more?

Anyway, thanks for posting about this, Vincent!


10. On 2012-01-02, Meguey said:

Hi Alex! Psi*Run was an ashcan at GenCon 2007. I played the heck out of it and eventually asked Chris if he had plans to finish it. He didn't, and was thrilled that I was interested in re-writing it and bringing it to publication. I fixed all the holes inherent in an ashcan, adding rules and such as needed. The basic seeds are the same - psychics with amnesia, on the run from danger.

Jamie did a good Actual Play write-up, linked above.


11. On 2012-01-02, Vincent said:

"Trauma Games presents:" is just part of the title of Murderous Ghosts. I expect to make it part of the title of maybe some more games along similar lines. But "Trauma Games" isn't a formal entity of any sort.


12. On 2012-01-02, Alex A Biral said:

I see. Thanks for the answers and the great game!


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