2012-01-26 : Two Monster IndieGoGo Campaigns

Two very different modern-day monster games powered by the Apocalypse. Monster of the Week, by Michael Sands, is about hunting monsters - think of Hellboy, Supernatural, or early Buffy. Monsterhearts, by Joe McDaldno, is about being monsters - think of True Blood, Being Human, or later Buffy.

I've been thinking about making a monster hunting game myself, so I'm positively delighted that Michael is making one. If you want in on the prelaunch, jump! You've only got a couple of days left.

Monster of the Week:


1. On 2012-01-26, Vincent said:

I'm listening to Canon Puncture's interview with Michael Sands now. It's good.

It's exciting to me that he's been working on this game for years and years, and Apocalypse World gave him what he needed to finish it. That's pretty damn cool.


2. On 2012-01-26, Semiel said:

I haven't gotten a chance to play it yet, but Monster of the Week looks so good. It's still very recognizably an AW game, but it deftly reinterprets and modifies things to fit perfectly into the monster hunting genre.


3. On 2012-02-01, Alejandro said:

I don't know, but Monsterhearts seems to be an interesting game, even when I don't like True Blood or Buffy. The example of play PDF is just very good.


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