2012-01-29 : Naked mole rats

naked mole rats

1. On 2012-01-30, Larry said:

Surely, there is some context here I am missing.


2. On 2012-01-30, Ville Halonen said:

The mole rat on the left wants love. The one on the right wants to screw. It's a conflict. I see a It Was a Mutual Decision hack-in-progress.


3. On 2012-01-30, Marhault said:

And I just see things for my Fallout character to kill.


4. On 2012-01-30, Vincent said:

Life - here and now, in all its particulars - is the only context.


5. On 2012-01-31, Larry said:

I think it's touching.


6. On 2012-02-01, Chris said:

Not yet...


7. On 2012-02-13, jm said:

hi fellas, i'm sorry i have to ask. what is the thing u guys call hacks ? I didn't manage to get it be reading some of the posts in the forum.. so what is it ?


8. On 2012-02-13, Alex Abate Biral said:

By hack, usually people are referring to some modification of some game. It Was a Mutual Decision is a game by Mr. Edwards and Marhault was suggesting that maybe Vincent was working on a modification of it.


9. On 2012-02-13, jm said:

by games you mean video games ? board game ? i'm kinda lost, there are books, playbooks..


10. On 2012-02-13, Alex Abate Biral said:

I suppose the term might be applied to any kind of game, but this is Vincent Baker's blog. He works with pencil and paper role playing games. You can find links for some of the games he designed on the main page (those links under the "Lumpley Games" heading).


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