2012-02-03 : Murderous Ghosts

Murderous Ghosts is available in print! It's here.

Murderous Ghosts

1. On 2012-02-03, Vincent said:

I'm packaging the two booklets (on the right) in a DVD case (on the left).

If you bought the PDF while it wasn't available in print and you'd like to upgrade, just drop me a line.


2. On 2012-02-04, entropyblues said:

Nice! The cover and layout orientation look different than the first printing I have, anything else different about? I dig my copies, but damned if that DVD case doesn't look handsome.


3. On 2012-02-04, Ben Lehman said:



4. On 2012-02-04, Vincent said:

Entropyblues: It's true, the DVD case is pretty spiffy. I switched up to it so that the game would have a chance in retail - it was clear to me that the first printing wouldn't - and it turned out as nice as I could have hoped. Well, that is, as nice as I could have hoped, but a little pricier than I'd wish.

Anyway but inside the books, no, nothing's different, just the layout.


5. On 2012-02-06, Tim Ralphs said:

It's interesting to see roleplay games returning to being sold in a box.


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