2012-04-06 : Panels at PAX East

Doing a last minute check on my schedule this weekend and I happened upon the descriptions for the little tabletop panels I'm running. I submitted them so long ago I'd forgotten what they said.

Roleplaying Theory, Hardcore
What's a GM? Is there even such a thing? What's the relationship between your character - a fictional person - and your character sheet? Who really owns your character and what can you do about it? What are dice for, and do we really need them? How does roleplaying even, y'know, work?

Join Vincent Baker (Dogs in the Vineyard, Apocalypse World) and Ben Lehman (Polaris, The Drifter's Escape) for a crash course in the tabletop roleplaying theories that kicked off the indie rpg movement. From social context and creative agenda to reward cycle, currency and the components of character, with a good hard look at the real causality at the table. Guaranteed to push conventional wisdom down and take its lunch money.

An Inside Look at Indie RPGs
Curious what's been going on in the coffeehouses and dark alleys of tabletop roleplaying? Wondering what's got those stodgy old dudes' and self-appointed moral watchdogs' knickers all bunched up? Just looking for something beyond “roll to hit, roll damage”? Join some enthusiastic long-timers for an off-the-record tour. We'll show you what's out there, why it's cool, and how you can be part of it. Tell ‘em lumpley sent you.

They sound kind of fun!

1. On 2012-04-06, Vincent said:

It's a good thing I checked, too. Otherwise I'd've arrived at the inside look panel with nobody's games to show off but my own. Now I've been through my shelves and I'm bringing a dozen great little games.


2. On 2012-04-06, Troy_Costisick said:

Vincent, please tell me these can some how be recorded and uploaded to some podcast or something?  I can't attend PAX East, but I'd love to hear what you guys have to say.




3. On 2012-04-06, Evan said:

Go forth and evangelize, Vincent!


4. On 2012-04-08, misuba said:

What Troy said. (And what I've said every time y'all have done this so far.)


5. On 2012-04-09, mccoypauley said:

Hey Vincent, just wanted to say what a great panel this was at PAX, it was one of those rare talks about what the essence of RP is and what it can do that just made so much sense. I have been to a bunch of other panels like this over the years across various conventions where RP theory talk always devolved into very vague notions about gaming that never really touched on the sort of simple but very important principles you mentioned in yours. I look forward to reading more of your writing on RP theory in your blog and elsewhere.


6. On 2012-04-09, Vincent said:



7. On 2012-04-09, Ben Lehman said:


I want to do that panel again. I really felt like we did a good job of presenting RPG Theory.


8. On 2012-04-09, Sam Backus said:

I'm really bummed that I missed these.  Is there video of this somewhere?


9. On 2012-04-09, Ben Lehman said:

I believe both of these were recorded. Rob Bohl has one of them, and a woman I can't remember the name of has the other. I sure hope they get posted!


10. On 2012-04-09, Vincent said:

I enjoyed both of these panels a lot (plus the third panel I was on, which was about how designing and publishing your own games can be a route to success). I think that over the three panels we hit three important features of the topic, maybe THE three important features of the topic:
- Design games from your heart, guts and experience;
- Design games well; and
- Design games to completion, including putting them before their audience.

The "inside look" panel was particularly fun for me.


11. On 2012-04-11, Robert Bohl said:

I have a recording of the Hardcore Theory presentation, I just have to get it to someone.

Being on those panels was fucking fun as hell. I want to do so many more next time.


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