2012-04-09 : Last Chance Game Chef

...Is live! From now until the 15th.

I was at PAX East so I couldn't announce it on the day, but I did check and get my 4 random ingredients:
Night and Day
The Art of Destruction
The Memory Cheats / Has This Been Done?

I'm not tapping in - I don't have a good record of actually managing to participate in design contests - but still. Those are some pretty evocative ingredients, no?

1. On 2012-04-09, Vincent said:

...And over lunch I designed a game. So maybe I will tap in.

It's called "It's Always Over," and it's sad for reals.


2. On 2012-04-09, Paul T. said:

Hey, what's with those bizarre links? I saw a similar one in someone's comments.

Some kind of new-fangled spam device? Or a new way to get ingredients for a design contest?


3. On 2012-04-09, Paul T. said:

(For example, the word "contest" in my post above is linked to some adversite. I did NOT put that in, and I recomment you do not click on it.)


4. On 2012-04-09, Ben Lehman said:

Paul: I don't see any link. Maybe you have some malware?

I got very boring threads, so I think I will use the ingredients as posted. :(



5. On 2012-04-09, Vincent said:

Yeah, Paul, I don't see any weird links either, and I've doublechecked my database. Look out! I think it's a problem at your end.


6. On 2012-04-09, Paul T. said:

Oh, yep. Yikes. I'm seeing it on other sites too, now. Sorry to be the cause of a false alarm!


7. On 2012-04-09, Paul T. said:

(By the way, if anyone reading has the same bug - "Text Enhance" - it's very easy to get rid of, so that's good news. It's an add-on/extension in your browser, and deleting or uninstalling seems to clean it up completely.)


8. On 2012-04-09, Vincent said:

Ben and I talked at PAX East about how many rpg designers are, while perfectly nice people, nevertheless some cynical, misanthropic bastards. This game I've designed reminds me of that conversation.

If you don't want your life cannibalized for fiction, don't know a novelist. If you don't want your sorrow cannibalized for a game, don't know me.


9. On 2012-04-09, Bret said:

I want to see It's Always Over. It sounds like the title a bunch of my friends would choose for their biographies.


10. On 2012-04-09, ndp said:

Yah, most of my contest games end up being pretty sad, too.


11. On 2012-04-09, Jaywalt said:

I came up with the concept for a second Game Chef 2012 game on the way to work today.

Basically, you use the information given on real "lost dog" posters in your community. And then you tell the stories of what happened to the dogs.

It's called "Wild and Free" I think, and yeah, super sad for reals. Makes me tear up just thinking about it.


12. On 2012-04-11, Amphiprison said:

Vincent!  I have sorrow!  Cannibalize it for a game!

Jaywalt, I want to play that game.


13. On 2012-04-11, Simon C said:

Man, something about animals in distress kicks me in the guts the way human misery rarely does. I think it's the pathos of them not understanding what's going on, just that they're scared and hurt.

Still, I don't have kids. I bet once you've got kids you develop a whole new spectrum of despair.


14. On 2012-04-11, Jaywalt said:

Amphiprison: I'll see what I can do.

Simon: I think you're totally right about the kids thing.  As a pet owner, my dog being lost is about the worst possible thing I can imagine, but—once I have kids—a whole 'nother set of horrible anxieties become possible.


15. On 2012-04-14, Joel said:

Jaywalt: that's beautiful.

Here's something else beautiful, at a 30 degree angle to that:

RE kids: I'll confirm that.


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