2012-08-07 : A Fun Interview

Paul Carboni interviewed me in email maybe a month ago, and he's just posted it: Play Unplugged: D. Vincent Baker.

This was a fun interview! He asked me about my creative process and the closing of the Forge, and I wasn't shy to tell him anything.

Followup questions and comments welcome, as always, here or over there.

1. On 2012-08-07, Uffe Thorsen said:

Link is broken, includes a br tag.


direct link

This makes...
VB go "Fixed, thanks!"

2. On 2012-08-07, Weeks said:

Did you really capitalize kpfs in that interview?


3. On 2012-08-07, Vincent said:

Not me! That's on the editor.


4. On 2012-08-08, Matthijs said:

"I think I?m now, all these years and games later, competent to start trying to design a co-GMed game."

INNNNteresting. I'd love to see that! (Of course, I'd hate it too, because my own efforts would look all old-fashioned and stupid.)


direct link

This makes...
R go "Aw, come on, man!"*

*click in for more

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