2012-08-09 : 1001 Nights final hours

Just a couple more hours to get in on Meg's 1001 Nights campaign! I've been looking at the proof and it's loooovely.

1001 Nights proof

1. On 2012-09-05, Simon R said:

Delivered - delicious.


2. On 2012-09-10, Tim Ralphs said:

Fingers crossed mine hasn't fallen foul of UK customs. Just my luck if they seized the game!


3. On 2012-09-10, Vincent said:

Tim, you're a sultan's own chef, aren't you? I happen to know that your package is waiting to ship until we get the recipe booklet from the printer. It should go out by the end of this week.


direct link

This makes...
TMR go "Fabulous!"

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