2012-08-27 : A good day for the apocalypse

Between the new playtest version of The Regiment and the tremulus kickstarter, it's a good day for the apocalypse!

The Regiment: Alpha 2.0 playtest
I've drawn your attention to the Regiment before here at anyway: 2012-07-30 : The Regiment: Market Garden. I can't wait to play it. I hope somebody's running it at Burning Con this year, or maybe I just will.

Oh, don't believe it. I'm running The Seclusium of Orphone of the Three Visions, of course.

tremulus: a storytelling game of lovecraftian horror
tremulus has kind of snuck in under my radar. A little while ago the Reality Blurs people wrote me and said "we're making a Lovecraftian hack of Apocalypse World, cool?" and I said "cool, you know it," like I always do, but it didn't quite sink in how far along they already were. I'm delighted!

1. On 2012-08-30, PeterBB said:

Do we know anything about tremulus, yet? It snuck under my radar, too, and the kickstarter page is not filling me with confidence.


2. On 2012-08-30, Evan said:

Someone who's playtested tremulus ? speak up!

What makes it awesome and deserving of cash-money?


3. On 2012-09-02, Esoteric said:

Tremulus seems to promise some cool things, but I'm getting a bit of this kind of vibe from it:

More info would be nice.


4. On 2012-09-03, Vincent said:

Well, I've got the PDF, and I still want to read it closely but I can at least assure you it's a whole game. They aren't setting up to rip us all off if that's what you mean.


5. On 2012-09-03, Esoteric said:

I wasn't particularly concerned about that, I was more just frustrated because the kickstarter page seemed to spend more time name dropping successful indie games than just telling me what the game is about. More sample material of some kind or another would have gone a long way in persuading me.


6. On 2012-09-04, PeterBB said:

Yeah, I don't see any reason to think it's vaporware, but I also don't see any reason to think the quality will be particularly high.

I think one of the main sources of my skepticism (besides the lack of information Esoteric mentions) is that they are currently talking about _thirty-five_ playbooks.


direct link

This makes...
JC go "35? Damn!"
AD go "Not that far fetched!"*
PBB go "That may be true AD..."*

*click in for more

7. On 2012-09-05, Vincent said:

Sean's talking about the game over at Story-games, here, and he's made a playbook public, here (PDF link).

I think you guys have weird concerns! It's clear that the Reality Blurs folks are connected to an audience that isn't primarily, so naturally their Kickstarter is aimed at it, not at you. And not just their Kickstarter, their whole approach to biz and marketing. From my point of view, that's excellent.


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