2012-11-01 : DONE


A month late, but weighing in at over 40,000 words, the Seclusium or Orphone of the Three Visions. It's James Raggi's problem now!

1. On 2012-11-01, Jeff Russell said:



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This makes...
GcL go "Hip Hip"*

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2. On 2012-11-01, anon. said:

hoooray! hope art is nice and not too blackmetally/


3. On 2012-11-01, Gear said:

Silly anon, there's no such thing as too blackmetally!


4. On 2012-11-02, anon. said:

gear you are right. i stand ashamed.

but for a moment i had this idea of jack vance illustrated by stephen fabian, tony di terlizzi and edward gorey and it got better of me.


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This makes...
AD go "An Edward Gorey RPG?"*

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5. On 2012-11-04, Gregor said:

40,000 words?
I roll to disbelieve.


6. On 2012-11-05, Vincent said:

I know. But yeah. It just kept ballooning, and it was only by pure will (with a little help from being past deadline) that I kept it under 50,000.


7. On 2012-11-12, Evan said:

Now you're under my editorial thumb, Herr Baker.


8. On 2012-11-13, Simon C said:

After being in the indie hardcore for so long, is it weird to just hand this thing off to a publisher, or no big deal?


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