2013-01-03 : The Seclusium of Orphone cover sketch

James Raggi's made public one of Cynthia Sheppard's preliminary drawings for the cover for the Seclusium of Orphone of the Three Visions:

Could I be more thrilled? No I could not!

1. On 2013-01-03, Weeks said:

Those guys are fucked.


2. On 2013-01-03, Vincent said:

I think you may be right!


3. On 2013-01-03, Troy_Costisick said:

I've been away for a long time, Vincent.  What is this game about?


4. On 2013-01-03, Vincent said:

It's about wizards' towers ("seclusia") when the wizards are dead, gone, or otherwise negligent and the towers become vulnerable to adventurers' incursions!

It's a system for creating wizards' seclusia as location-based adventures. It's for Lamentations of the Flame Princess, or really any other game where the PCs might go into a wizard's seclusium to see what they can find when the wizard's out.


direct link

This makes...
Troy go "Sounds awesome!"

5. On 2013-01-04, Ron Edwards said:

Long ago, D&D texts promised the fun, wonder, and wickedness of Cugel the Clever at the table, and now Jim & Vincent are making sure that happens.
Best, Ron


direct link

This makes...
ET go "Such things take time to think through, as it turns out."

6. On 2013-02-10, Kourin said:

Let's not forget Dying Earth, the closest thing to Cugel as for now.


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