2013-01-10 : The Annotated Sorcerer Kickstarter

Probably most of you already know about this, and the Kickstarter's already well past its goals, but just in case you didn't know and you want in:

Sorcerer Upgrade

Ron's offering some fun and unusual pledge bennies: videos, one-sheets, drink recipes, interesting stuff. But mostly it's just exciting because Sorcerer is a really good game.

Several years ago - have I told you all about this? - I ran a Pokemon game for Meg and the kids using Sorcerer, and it was brilliant. I told the kids right up front, "okay, kids, I'll run a Pokemon game for you, but I'm warning you, you're going to have to train your Pokemon, and you really are going to have to train them, no fooling. If you don't do a good job training them, they aren't going to train themselves!"

Sebastian's Pokemon was a cat-type called Darkit, and she was awful. Sebastian just couldn't get her to behave. She won her first bout only when Sebastian threw up his hands and let her do it her way, and try as he might, he never managed to establish a good working relationship with her after.

At one point, after Darkit won a bout in a particularly malicious and catlike way, the NPC Poketrainer yelled at Sebastian's character: "you're the WORST POKETRAINER I'VE EVER MET!" Sebastian sank his head in his hands. "I know I am! I know I am! What am I going to do?"

Elliot's favorite Pokemon was a rodent-type called Shroyal, like a king shrew, or something. All I remember is that Shroyal had an ongoing battle with the islands' populations of Crabites, culminating in the party coming under hilarious attack from A GIANT CRABITE MADE OF CRABITES. It rose out of the ocean, blocked out the sun, and said in a booming voice made of a bajillion tiny voices: "CRAAAAABITE!"

Shroyal was like, uh oh. Elliot was laughing so hard he fell out of his chair.

1. On 2013-01-10, Jim D. said:

Was Darkit the one that murdered another trainer's Pokemon for real?  If I'm remembering right from the old Forge thread, that ended pretty poorly.


2. On 2013-01-10, Vincent said:

That's the very occasion! It was another cute little rodenty-type, and Darkit hunted it instead of fighting it.

The trainers intervened before Darkit could go through with killing and eating it, but the other trainer was mad.


3. On 2013-01-11, Ron Edwards said:

Thanks Vincent!

The dashboard function is pretty cool, and I'm surprised by the pattern so far: after the quick, upward-curving rise that took it through the first goal in 18 hours (to $6545 in two days), it's been rising ruler-straight ever since, with a slope at about $1730/day. I mean, it has to slow down or level off sooner or later, right? I expected that long ago.

I'll replace the introductory video to match the new circumstances and start thinking about the site as a fun place to visit and see different stuff every day. And tonight, it's time to invent some more drinks (six and a half so far, and counting)!

Best, Ron


4. On 2013-01-11, Meguey said:

I loved that game. I would play that game again.


5. On 2013-01-11, Seb said:

I so want to play more of that game!


6. On 2013-01-12, Ron Edwards said:

OK, this is silly, I'm surrounded by Bakers.

Vincent, did you see the one-sheet reward item? If you could dig up whatever starting information you gave the others, I would love to include it with this project.

If you can't find it, then it's within the scope of the project for you to prepare it de novo, i.e., how you would present prep for this game if you were to do it again.

Best, Ron


7. On 2013-01-18, Vincent said:

I'm sure I won't be able to find it again, but let me think about recreating it, yeah. It looks a little bit around here like I might be recreating it anyway.


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