2013-02-28 : lumpley games 10-year retrospective

I sold my first copy of my first game in December 2002. Here's 10 years' sales data.

As always, I'm only reporting direct online sales. I'll make some guesses about sales at cons, through retail, and through IPR at the end.

I also didn't include Mechaton. I don't have an especially good reason, I just happened not to.

Questions and observations very welcome!




first game

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1. On 2013-02-28, Vincent said:

I imagine that this report marks the end of an era. I'll kickstart my next game, same as everybody else, and I don't think that these numbers mean anything anymore!


2. On 2013-02-28, Weissengruber said:

DitV made a big difference in my playing and GM-ing. Can't wait for the next phase of Lumpley domination. Let it involve detailed rules for space ship fights. Or allow me to play out a precise simulation of 17th century European theo-political-military conflict. Or involve playing with one's family. Or whatever you feel like.


3. On 2013-02-28, Joshua A.C. Newman said:

Weissengruber, the space ship fights might not come under the Lumpley sigil!


4. On 2013-02-28, Carrie said:

In the lifetime sales bar chart, what is "Lumpley Games Library"? And what do the percentages listed after the level values mean?


5. On 2013-02-28, Carrie said:

...we love one another, and graphs...


6. On 2013-02-28, Vincent said:

Weissengruber: Thanks!

As it happens, I do have some detailed space ship fight rules here in my notebook. I think they may be too complicated to play, though, let alone publish.

Carrie: The lumpley games library is my PDF bundle. So of the 1,065 people who've bought kill puppies for satan, for instance, 567 bought it as part of the bundle. The other 498, 47%, bought it individually.

Of the 567 bundles I've sold, 363 of them were before Murderous Ghosts (they included Mechaton instead). That's why Murderous Ghosts only lists 204 libraries.


7. On 2013-02-28, Joshua A.C. Newman said:

Yeah, we gotta play some space battle games. I'm'a show you what I got for maneuver. I think it's just the right kind of frustrating.


direct link

This makes...
AD go "Finally getting around to playing FTL..."*

*click in for more

8. On 2013-02-28, Robert B. said:

So, either something drastic changed in 2010 or Apocalypse World was a game changer for you... :)


direct link

This makes...
AD go "AW really got a lot of attention, I think, and maybe drew a few (lot) of people in."*

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9. On 2013-03-01, Christoph said:

Hello Vincent, thanks for sharing! You seem to imply that these numbers mean you're doing well, congrats!

Why is kickstarting inevitable? Why will these numbers not mean anything anymore?


10. On 2013-03-11, Erik said:

Thanks for making these numbers available, Vincent. I'm already in at the "As Much Money As I Can Spare" level for whatever you put up on Kickstarter.


11. On 2013-03-17, Leftahead said:

Oh, and one other question I think I always ask when you pist these things, but forget the answer to: is this print ony, or print AND PDF? I assume it's the latter, so do you weight the sales in any way, or is a direct print sale the same as a PDF sale for your units moved?


12. On 2013-03-17, Vincent said:

As it happens, these numbers are based on my PDF deliveries; they don't distinguish between a print sale (which includes the PDFs) and a PDF-only sale.

So: print and PDF, undistinguished, not weighted in any way.


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