2013-03-14 : Walkingsuit Retroconfiguration

Not quite 2 days left, and only $125 to go!

I get that maybe some of you aren't really into the idea of dolphin invaders from space. I don't understand, but that's fine! I think you'll get something good out of the playbook anyway. Here's a picture of a dolphin walkingsuit retroconfigured by a savvyhead for a human pilot:

Walkingsuit Retroconfiguration

1. On 2013-03-14, Vincent said:

And, I mean, not to spill ALL the beans, but here it is again with its system attachment sites highlighted:

Walkingsuit Retroconfiguration with Highlights


2. On 2013-03-14, neoaez said:

MF0 style attachments?  My money has been pledged.


3. On 2013-03-14, Alex D said:

I do intend to back this one, for probably 5-15. Even if we don't meet the goal for the playbook, I don't really feel bad. Cool musicians get paid, a fun game gets played, a portion goes to animals? Most excellent!

That said, folks, I hope ya'll back this.
I'm kind of inspired to make dolphin folk for Dungeon World, now.


4. On 2013-03-15, Gordon said:

I thought I'd pledge 15, but it was only 20 to make the goal ... though I'm bothered that "dolphin" won't get me past the spam filter.  Never thought I'd see such terrestrial primate/bipedal machine bias here at anyway!


5. On 2013-03-15, Vincent said:

I believe that if you try it again it just might work.


6. On 2013-03-15, Vincent said:

Also: awesome! Thank you! It's a thing!


7. On 2013-03-15, aslum said:

Can't wait to see this!


8. On 2013-03-17, brian said:

I'm so glad it hit the goal for this!
This, plus the Solace, plus my recent acquisition of the Grotesque from Joe Mcdaldno, and I'm burning to try to get a game of AW going again...


9. On 2013-03-19, Grovilax said:

So, I got wind of this a little late. Is there any other way I can get in on this? It's relevant to my interests in so, so many ways.


10. On 2013-03-19, Vincent said:

Not currently, but once it exists for real, I imagine there will be some way for you to get your hands on it.


11. On 2013-03-19, Grovilax said:

Sounds good!


12. On 2013-05-10, InfiniteJesters said:

Oh wow, it's been a while.

Ahhhh, I'm *really* late to the party and would love this playbook as the fanmade Juggernaut playbook was a bit of a poor-man's substitute for anyone who wanted to drive a kickass robot suit.

Any channels I could go through to get this?

breakbeat DOT beatnik AT gmail DOT com


13. On 2013-05-10, Vincent said:

Right now it's unavailable, at least through licit channels. I plan to rerelease it later this spring, along with some other stuff I'm not talking about yet.

I'm sure there are illicit channels you could find it through, if you don't feel like waiting for me to get my biz in order.


14. On 2013-05-11, InfiniteJesters said:

Ahhh, okay. I can wait for a while longer if I can get it offically!


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