2013-08-07 : High, High Praise

Hello my friends! Scott Dunphy just sent me his report on Spooky Outhouse's annual podcast listeners survey and the results are remarkable. They're here: Results and Analysis of the RPG Podcast Listeners Survey 2013 (PDF)

This chart shows survey respondents' preferred systems and it already blows me away:
Overall Preferred Systems

But then come to this one and I'm like, dang. Sweet damn.
Women's Preferred Systems

I'm honored, grateful and proud. Thank you, everybody!

1. On 2013-08-07, Scott Dunphy said:

Also, on page 12 of the doc, AE is the Preferred System of the listeners of 3 different shows in the top 20 (plurality in this case). And thanks for blogging it!


2. On 2013-08-07, Vincent said:

Also this obviously isn't just me.

Congratulations, Adam, Sage, Joe, Michael, Sean, Marshall!


3. On 2013-08-07, Hamish Cameron said:

This is great, Scott!
Could you give us a further breakdown of the AE section of the "Women Preferred Systems" chart?


4. On 2013-08-07, Scott Dunphy said:

No problem! 4.7% of women said Apocalypse Engine, 4.7% Dungeon World, and 2.3% Monster Hearts. Take into account that our female sample is pretty small and that's why there's a lot of consolidation and a 10% minimum in that chart.


5. On 2013-08-07, E. Torner said:

One question:

Is "Apocalypse Engine" the new official title?

On another note:

Huh, Savage Worlds!


6. On 2013-08-07, Ben Barnett said:

Interesting breakout. I wonder if that just reflects Apocalypse and Dungeon Worlds' greater popularity.

The stereotype would be that more women prefer Monsterhearts, but I've played with enough men who played overtly sexual characters to doubt that there's much of a disparity.

If there's any.


7. On 2013-08-08, rob said:

well deserved


8. On 2013-08-08, Troy_Costisick said:

Wow, Vincent.  That's amazing.  Congrats to you, Fred, Sage, everyone! :)


9. On 2013-08-08, Hamish Cameron said:

Thanks Scott!

Ben, that stereotype about Monsterhearts may be true anyway, but only in the sense that gender balance at MH tables is more likely to be even, IME. But I think that depends more on the local gaming culture.


10. On 2013-08-09, xiombarg said:

I'd also be interested in seeing a breakdown of the "New Wave" and "Legacy" systems...


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