2013-11-11 : Teasers!

In Ssef Seat: The Cannibal Queen
The sorcerer Jakko Orange dines with a cannibal queen and makes a new friend...
Available now in Volume 1, Issue 1 of Worlds Without Master!

In Taruve: the Merchant Train
Jakko Orange unleashes the monster Tam-tam upon the great merchant train of the Tradeking of Taruve...

In Pankech: the Ghost's Chambers
Jakko Orange ascends into a bizarre otherworld to steal spells from the master-devil Koeq, leaving Tam-tam to watch over his body...

In Ssef Seat: the Shrine
Tam-tam and Jakko Orange return to Ssef Seat, and discover something about Tam-tam's past...

In Mamnoro: the Ogre's Grave
Jakko Orange finds the grave of an ancient inhuman thing, and summons up more than he can put down...

Over Orut: the Midwife
Jakko Orange and Tam-tam sail over Orut, and are confronted by a rival sorcerer...

In the Dundara: Mastodons
Tam-tam is separated from Jakko Orange by battle, but finds an unlikely new family...

In Chashiv: the House of the Bower-Thrush
Jakko Orange returns to the city of his childhood, and there pursues redress...

1. On 2013-11-11, Vincent said:

In Pankech: the Supplicants
Tam-tam, Jakko Orange, and the he-devil Gadt arrive in the city Pankech, to be greeted by a troubling cult...


2. On 2013-11-12, Vincent said:

Somebody asked and I didn't mention: these are all written and done, waiting for editing and publication.

My current plan for them is to submit them all to Worlds Without Master and to let Eppy publish his pick. Maybe all of them, if he wants and has room for them in the magazine.

A really cool part of Eppy's publishing plan is that afterward I can publish them all in a collection myself, including any that don't happen to appear in Worlds Without Master.


3. On 2013-11-13, Ben Rosenbaum said:

"A really cool part of Eppy's publishing plan" = "asking for first serial rights, which is industry standard practice for fiction" :-)


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This makes...
BR go "anything else would be a red flag..."

4. On 2013-11-13, Vincent said:

Ben: Groovy!

Then it's a really cool part of everybody legit's publishing plan! That's great news.


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This makes...
BR go ":-)"*
VB go "Right on."*

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