2013-11-12 : Counting down...

...To a prototype of the weird game I'm making for Anna Anthropy.


1. On 2013-11-13, 10 said:


2. On 2013-11-13, Vincent said:



3. On 2013-11-14, Vincent said:


And no work done since I started! Still time though.


4. On 2013-11-16, Vincent said:

Oops! I have a competing and preexisting deadline I should have remembered. I have to suspend this here. I'll kick it off again toward the end of the month.


5. On 2013-11-17, Vincent said:

...Except that inspiration took me. I have an initial playtesting prototype right here on my printer.

With luck and a little bit of socially insensitive insistence, I might be able to get an initial playtest this very afternoon!


6. On 2013-11-17, Vincent said:

The name of the game, by the way, is "Spin the Beetle."


direct link

This makes...
SDM go "Hmm... I look forward to hearing more."
ET go "Spinning Beetle in Suspended Animation"

7. On 2013-11-18, Vincent said:

The socially insensitive insistence paid off, and the playtest did its job. I'm doing some final design refining and then I'll start to make publication plans. My publication plans may turn out to be quirky or otherwise unpalateable, we'll see!


direct link

This makes...
AHF go "Whee!"*
VB go "I'm not saying you won't like it..."*
AHF go "Now even more intrigued!"

*click in for more

8. On 2013-11-30, Vincent said:

Spin the Beetle is done! Hooray!

"A wrong party game for wrong parties."

Stay tuned for my publication plans.


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