2013-11-28 : Black Friday

Hey friends! Resist the apocalypse. They've democratized the architecture of commerce. We can, if we want, use it to serve us, instead of only to serve them.

I have a bit of a conflict of interest here that I'd better declare.

Interest 1: I'm in favor of resisting Black Friday and all such institutionalized presumptions that my value to society is foremost as a consumer. We don't have to buy things just because they say it's buying-things-o'clock!

Interest 2: One of my games is in a pretty frickin kick-ass pay-what-you-want bundle for the weekend: Bundle of Holding: Indie Cornucopia. A cut goes to support Doctors Without Borders and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Here on Black Friday, the grossest holiday in a calendar increasingly full of gross holidays, if I'm going to shop at all, I'm shopping local and I'm shopping indie.

1. On 2013-11-29, Vincent said:

For the record, I have ZERO contempt for people who shop sales and shop them hard, including today's.

It's only a bare accident that I'm not working today, and that I have the luxury to shop where I choose. It wasn't always the case! I know it's not the case for all of us.


2. On 2013-12-03, Resisting Christmas said:

I absolutely agree with you. I'm trying also to resist christmas consuming frenzy, which is, for my part, the most depressing period of the year.


3. On 2013-12-03, Vincent said:

Yeah. Christmas is a big problem.


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