2013-12-05 : So far so good, December!

Despite my calling off the countdown, I finished Spin the Beetle! It's ready for its very short preview edition. I'll tell you more about that in a few days.

Tonight I finished a fun essay a day ahead of deadline. Admittedly, its extension deadline, but still, I'll take it. I'll tell you about the essay when it goes to publication this spring.

I'm ready to try out the newest version of my persistently troublesome swashbuckling romance game. If the scheduling gods have mercy on us, we'll get a session in before the solstice. If it goes well, I'll be able to start telling you about this game in the new year.

I've gotten a good start on another project, a game I believe I'll hold off talking about for now. You may have seen me mention it on Twitter or G+, though.

I've also managed to completely blow off a project I intended to undertake this fall, a 10th-ish anniversary edition of kill puppies for satan. I'm okay with this, even though there's a fan or three I've sorely disappointed. Sorry, fan or three! It's hard to devote myself to old things when the new things are so utterly cool.

1. On 2013-12-06, Vincent said:

It's cruel to string you along like this, fan or three, but maybe in the spring. If my schedule clears up.

For a game as haphazardly published as kill puppies for satan has always been, a "10th anniversary" is pretty notional anyway.


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This makes...
ET go "I might be Fan #3"

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