2014-02-07 : Spin the Beetle

Spin the Beetle
Spin the Beetle (print & play)

1. On 2014-02-08, Greg Pogor said:

Lacking a credit card, I just downloaded the whole thing for $0 but I would like to shoot you some money. Any way I can do that through paypal?


2. On 2014-02-08, Vincent said:

If you like! My email addy is to the right, there.


direct link

This makes...
GP go "Of course I'd like, silly."*
VB go "Thank you!"

*click in for more

3. On 2014-02-09, yellowhat said:

I played this with a party of about 10 somewhat drunk college age people. They liked it enough to play three times consecutively. If somewhat didn't have a playbook, they used someone else's. The "kiss my hand/neck/lips" stuff was pretty sweet, and the beetle stuff got pretty fun and had everyone laughing. It was cool how you could up the "invitation" or adjust it using the responses, b/c sometimes the invitations weren't raunchy enough and sometimes people felt uncomfortable. Pretty good.


4. On 2014-02-09, Vincent said:

Very cool!


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