2014-04-03 : An Example Apocalypse World Battle

I was looking for this the other day, but couldn't find it, and then today I happened to see someone link to it, so I'm putting it here so that I can find it again when I want it.

Combat example for Apocalypse engine games? (Monster of the Week, Apocalypse World) on RPGnet.

1. On 2014-04-05, Vasco Brown said:

Thanks for reminding me that this exists. I've created a a formatted PDF of the combat example and an expanded, "director's cut" version with the questions, answers and comments included.


direct link

This makes...
Tim go "such value"*
Tim go "such value"

*click in for more

2. On 2014-04-07, Vincent said:

Thanks, Vasco!


3. On 2014-04-07, Shane said:

Thanks Vincent.

I notice you go in rounds, without remarking on it. I had thought of AW as having no rounds or initiative or stuff, just go with whoever it feels like would have an opportunity - which tends to shake out into rounds/turns/goes anyway. Do you do rounds as a formal thing?

There's def no initiative modifiers, right?


4. On 2014-04-08, Tim said:

Its not a typical combat round. Breaking it up like he did here was into chunks for everyone to act. As you notice, everyone was acting at once. It also makes it easier to talk about it on a forum.


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