2014-04-22 : Enough Dillying! Also, enough Dallying!

AW:Dark Age

Playtest document in 15.
On hold!

1. On 2014-04-22, Paul Drussel said:

Nice one :)


2. On 2014-04-22, Dionysus said:

f5 f5 f5


3. On 2014-04-22, Warren said:

*holds breath*


4. On 2014-04-22, Jeremy L. said:

Bracing for impact


5. On 2014-04-22, John W said:

Booking the afternoon off


6. On 2014-04-22, Vincent said:

15 days, friends! Days.


7. On 2014-04-22, nerdwerds said:


8. On 2014-04-22, Warren said:

*continues to hold breath*


9. On 2014-04-23, Max said:

Very funny comments. Rereading those might shorten the time left.


10. On 2014-04-23, Vincent said:



11. On 2014-04-23, Vincent said:

Other projects keep and keep trying to distract me. As soon as I tell one to shut up and wait its turn, another starts shouting and waving its arms.


12. On 2014-04-25, Alex said:

Will you be offering the the newest play test materials on a on request basis or just giving it out to the previous play testers? Really interested in seeing the improvements to the AW engine.


13. On 2014-04-26, Vincent said:



direct link

This makes...
TimF go "oh the teasing..."*

*click in for more

14. On 2014-04-30, Vincent said:


This is going to be a close one! It might go negative.

I warn you now, those of you who took extreme steps like clearing your afternoon or planning a game session that evening.


15. On 2014-04-30, Gerbo said:

I have a AWDA-playtest session planned that sunday but I've also added a "it's done when it's done"-clause. Worst case we'll try out Midsummer Woods


16. On 2014-05-01, Chroma said:

I thought countdowns went up to 12...


direct link

This makes...
Joao go "Not in the Dark Age"*
Joao go "Not in the Dark Age"*

*click in for more

17. On 2014-05-03, Caitlynn said:

How many pages are you estimating the document to be at?


18. On 2014-05-03, Joao said:

What movies, if any, you would recommend watching while we wait? I've viewed the Vikings series already.


19. On 2014-05-03, Vincent said:

Caitlynn: It's coming together frustratingly slowly. Come zero, I'll be trying to decide whether to go ahead and put it out short, or hold off until I have the 25-30 pages I'm shooting for.


20. On 2014-05-03, Ich said:

Not that I get a vote, but if I did, I'd say hold off.  As eager as I am to see it, we've waited this long; another howeverlong won't matter.  Also, a more complete version should generate better feedback.


21. On 2014-05-03, Vincent said:

Ich: You're clearly right. Done!


22. On 2014-05-05, Max said:

If you need more time I suggest to ser back the timer and keep the 0 goal else everybody will ask questions when the timer stops.


23. On 2014-05-05, Vincent said:


I was counting on this past weekend to get a lot done, but between one thing and another thing, nada. I'll start the countdown up again as soon as I can.

Thanks everybody! Hang in there!


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