2014-07-27 : The Days are Few and Busy

...But the work is good.

AW:Dark Age

On Thursday we leave for Italy for two weeks. There's basically no way I'll have a playtest document ready before then. But it's going really well and I'm getting really close.


1. On 2014-07-28, Mimir said:

I'm getting the sense that a lot has changed since the last playtest.

Previews and teases are lame and I've had my fill with Comic-Con, but once it's out I'd love to get a bloggy sense of your development thoughts, what got iterated and why those changes got made from a design perspective, and also what the actual list of items on that countdown clock were.


2. On 2014-07-28, Davide said:

Since I'm where you're heading, I am willing to accept your requests for bribery in exchange for your drafts :-)
Be ready; it's one of the craziest summers in Italy in quite a long time. Be prepared for some rain.


3. On 2014-07-28, Ereshkigal said:

Where in Italy? Since i'm italian, if you don't mind me asking


4. On 2014-07-28, Vincent said:

Sure! We're going to EtrusCon, in Montecatini, plus a few days in Milan.


5. On 2014-07-28, Ereshkigal said:

aww, too bad it's a bit too far for me, 350km from my house. I would have liked to meet you in person :)
I lived near Montecatini some years ago, in Lucca. ;)


6. On 2014-07-28, Vincent said:

Cool! We come to Italian cons pretty regularly. Maybe next time.


7. On 2014-07-28, Vincent said:

I just handed off 8 playbooks to my co-designer Meguey for her comments. She hasn't told me what she thinks of them yet. I'm all anxious.


8. On 2014-07-28, Meguey said:

The playbooks are solid. Good grabby bits, pieces definitely coming together nicely. Let's playtest this!


direct link

This makes...
Tim F go "I am willing to do that!"*
VB go "soon!"*

*click in for more

9. On 2014-07-29, Ereshkigal said:

I'd love to playest this :)


10. On 2014-07-29, Vincent said:


I'll be putting out the call for playtesters as soon as the playtest document is ready. Like I say, there's basically zero chance that it'll be tomorrow, which means that it'll be in mid-to-late August instead.


11. On 2014-07-30, Vincent said:

2! Down to 2!

See you all when we get back.


12. On 2014-07-31, Gwathdring said:

Have fun! :D


13. On 2014-07-31, Moreno R. said:

No Vincent, see you when you will get HERE!  :-D


14. On 2014-07-31, fealoro said:

Have a nice trip!


15. On 2014-07-31, Ich said:

Oh!  Excellent!  I took this look, hoping to see another notch, but I'm greeted with not 1, but 2!

Now, here's hoping (not expecting) some momentum to carry us quickly into a new beta test!


16. On 2014-07-31, Ich said:

Oh, mid to late August then!  That's exciting!


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