2014-08-18 : AW:Dark Age: 2 to go

AW:Dark Age

I took an incomplete draft of the AW:Dark Age playtest document with me to EtrusCon. I was nervous about showing it to people, but it was received very well! Reassuringly well.

Everyone who asked, I promised them that I'd release the playtest document by the end of August, and that's still looking good. Just one more thing to finish up, then a local once-over, then the release!


Maybe I'll start dropping some hints and previews during the next week or so.

1. On 2014-08-18, warren said:



2. On 2014-08-18, Davide said:

"hints and previews", yes, make us suffer, make us beg!! :)


3. On 2014-08-18, Tom Lawrence said:

Alas, this makes it seem like it won't be ready in time for this weekend when I'm seeing old university friends for a weekend of gaming, but never mind! I will be running an online playtest when it does come out, at least.

Looking forward to it Vincent.


4. On 2014-08-18, Ereshkigal said:

Gogo! I hope you had fun here in italy ;)


5. On 2014-08-19, Per said:

Check! Mailing playtest group right now.


6. On 2014-08-19, Ich said:



7. On 2014-08-20, Gwathdring said:



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