2005-07-22 : Infinite Armies

Via RPG Blog: Infinite Armies.


BTRC will be at the Forge booth at GenCon. I can't wait to see this game.

1. On 2005-07-22, Tom said:


I remember when people would color copy magic cards.

This could be cool.  It'll be fun to check out.

Oooh!  Maybe we could have a WWII carrier duel (I was thinking of you and Seb playing Zero at Em's last time).


2. On 2005-07-22, ScottM said:

It does look good. I look forward to your report after GenCon.


3. On 2005-07-22, anon. said:

Groovy. I've been looking into this "customizable PDF" tech and it sure is promising. I badly want to make this work for the "make your own Rocket City map" part of Danger Patrol. That would rock.

Also, Capes click-n-locks.


4. On 2005-07-22, John Harper said:

Um. That was me. Woopsie.


5. On 2005-07-24, Jonas Barka said:

This one sounds really interesting. I??ll probalby stand in the electronic line to buy a copy on release day...

(For some reason I'm not allowed to print my real surname Bark?? in the handle. Weird.)


6. On 2005-07-24, Jonas Barka said:

Hmmm... that character didn't turn out too good.


7. On 2005-07-25, Vincent said:

Yeah. My text handling is pretty stupid when it comes to special characters. ("Special" being with regard to American English.)


8. On 2005-08-01, BTRC said:

It looks like iA is a go on pdf release for August 7. I'll have pre-printed copies+CD (including a sample deck) at GenCon, along with a few extra sets of card sheets if you want to build two decks and try it out with a friend while at the con. You'll need to snag some old cards (I use MtG mana) and card sleeves if you expect to shuffle your deck (54 cards per deck), and scissors/blade to trim the cards from their sheet. And if you buy it online and bring a deck to GenCon, I'll be happy to play you a game.

Geek note: Most of the con-adjacent hotels will have a "business lounge/room" where you can print stuff off, check email, etc. Many will have a printer. Far be it from me to suggest that you take out your frustration at $150/night hotel rates (plus tax) by printing an extra card or rule set at the hotel's expense...

BTRC guy


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