2014-12-08 : Countdown

Give me a 20.

It's not for AW:Dark Age. All this time I was working on the Dark Age, I was also inevitably working on its mirror image game, unknowingly. Then I read this Clark Ashton Smith short story early in WoShoStoReMo and you remember those magic picture books from the 80s? Where suddenly your eyes snap into the right out-of-focus and you can see the magic picture in 3D? That's exactly what happened to me.

Anyhow, first look in 20 days!

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1. On 2014-12-09, Meguey said:

So, thanks to Clark Aston Smith? Ooo, maybe we could get one of those pictures as art!


2. On 2014-12-10, plausiblefabulist said:

Wait, no AW:DA then?


3. On 2014-12-10, Vincent said:

Not yet!


4. On 2014-12-11, craig said:

I never did manage to see any of those magic 3d thingys. Just sat there and stared.



5. On 2014-12-11, plausiblefabulist said:

Ah but it's not abandoned in favor of something else—that's good! I was a little concerned its "mirror image" would be a deterministic utiopian futuristic solo game, or something. :-)


direct link

This makes...
JC go "That sounds awesome."

6. On 2014-12-11, plausiblefabulist said:

Ah but it's not abandoned in favor of something else—that's good! I was a little concerned its "mirror image" would be a deterministic utiopian futuristic solo game, or something. :-)


7. On 2014-12-11, Vincent said:

Nah, its mirror image game is freewheeling adventure fantasy with lots of Jack Vance and Clark Ashton Smith.


8. On 2014-12-13, Vincent said:

This game's take on PC death is the best thing ever. Just to warn you. Don't be startled!


9. On 2014-12-13, Plausiblefabulist said:

So I was actually talking to my son today about your plasmid Vancian magic game. We were thinking about making the spells each be a statted-up card, with specifics like how hard it is to control and resist, and its custom moves, and your memory is a hand and the plane in which spells wander and can be encountered—or the part of it you've explored—is a deck


10. On 2014-12-13, Vincent said:


You won't be surprised to know that this game uses (a variation of one version of) plasmic wizardry too.


11. On 2014-12-15, brian said:

Mirror image to an AW game... so does it still use an AW-y system?


12. On 2014-12-15, Vincent said:

Brian: It surely does!


13. On 2014-12-15, Vincent said:

I want to give a preview pretty bad but there's nothing really teaser-sized in the game. Everything's too small, until you put them all together.

Oh I guess I can preview a spell, right?

An Irresistable Slumber
Indicate a target. They fall at once into a deep trance, sleeplike, but from which no noise or disturbance will awaken them. The trance lasts for an hour, after which it becomes natural sleep, from which they might awaken or be awoken normally.
1. After their hour in trance, they do not fall into natural sleep, but instead die.
2. In trance, they are not insensible, only held rigid and unable in any way to move.
3. Indicate any number of targets. The spell affects them all.
4. Instead of affecting the target you indicate, the spell affects a random person present, perhaps you. Roll dice to see whom.
5. Their unwakeable trance lasts only a few moments, not an hour.
6. The spell returns to your mind unsettled.


14. On 2014-12-16, DanielZKlein said:

That's cool! Reminds me just a tiny bit of the wild magic rules in AD&D 2nd / Tome of Magic. Basically your spells had a chance of failing, in which case you looked up what actually happened on a ridiculous, humongous, 100 entry table because OF COURSE you did, and it was wonderful fun (especially 30—Colored streamers pour from caster's fingertips)

Can't wait to see more.


15. On 2014-12-17, Vincent said:

Daniel: Yes!

Everybody, when it was Dec 8 and I said "give me 20 days," it didn't once occur to me to do the addition and consider what else might be on my schedule during that span. I'm not calling it yet, but...


16. On 2014-12-19, Mike said:

This preview has catapulted its way to the top of my holiday wish list. Really excited. Can't wait to see which arenas of conflict the game will [predominantly] play out in.


17. On 2014-12-19, Vincent said:



18. On 2014-12-22, Jasin said:

I've been looking forward to AW: DA, but I've actually been wanting "all those things I wanted D&D to be when I first discovered D&D, powered by the Apocalypse", and this sounds even closer to that!


19. On 2014-12-24, plausiblefabulist said:

As much as I think the Vancian plasmid magic rocks, I really liked the hard-historical vibe of AW:DA, the way it was butting up against real history and the thorny questions that raised, and the stuff that came out of them. I hope we won't lose the sense of engagement with the Dark Ages in the process of getting all freewheeling adventure fantasy.

But if we do, you know, that's okay too. I will just have to let go of my expectations.


20. On 2014-12-24, Vincent said:

Oh, yeah, no, this is a completely separate game. It's not The Dark Age at all.

When I get back to The Dark Age, you should continue to expect it to be troublesome and historical.


direct link

This makes...
pf go "sweet!"

21. On 2014-12-28, Vincent said:

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