2015-02-20 : Rhinoceros Joust!

I'm making a game with my 9-year-old.
Rhinoceros Joust!

1. On 2015-02-20, Andy said:

You have my attention, good sir. There is nothing about this pitch which is not amazing.


2. On 2015-02-23, Raisin said:

Will there be other cool animals like Giraffes or Parrots? Or is the focus going to be exclusively on Rhinoceros? Either way, I shall be waiting.


3. On 2015-02-23, Vincent said:

Andy: Cool!

Raisin: Exclusively rhinos, but [redacted].

We've done a first round of playtesting & revision. The second prototype is ready for printing & testing. Good rapid progress so far!


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