2015-05-22 : Stating the Obvious

I really enjoyed Mad Max: Fury Road. Really, really enjoyed it.

1. On 2015-05-22, DanielZKlein said:

George Miller and his team barf forth apocalyptica like nobody's business. The world is broken and so are its people, but it's broken in interesting, compelling ways. I have read articles going into how all the delays allowed Miller and crew to write hyper detailed storyboards (and, apparently, come up with a back story for "each car and steering wheel"). I love that those things just exist. As a writer friend of mine put it, "good writing doesn't need a lot of words. Or any."

There's a lot more to gush about, but I'm stepping very carefully around spoilers here. But yes: it's a wonderful movie that I came out of energized and happy.


2. On 2015-05-22, John Mc said:

I dragged my Apocalypse World crew out to see it.  We were blown away.

If you're reading this, you should see Fury Road.  You should see it on the big screen.


3. On 2015-05-23, Moreno R. said:

Only very bad people (and future murderous evil mutants) would not like Fury Road!


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