2015-05-23 : Fury Road vs The Homesman

Hey, did anybody else see both The Homesman and Fury Road?

1. On 2015-05-24, Per said:

Literally just left the cinema after Fury Road, wow, blown away.

I think Homesman is a more complex film (a better film, actually), but Fury Road is just such a joy to behold, just brimming with ideas in a two hour long chase.

Some similarities between the two - but the women to be rescued were more interesting (and less 'babes') in the Homesman, I think.


2. On 2015-05-25, Vincent said:

I found the two movies' outlines startlingly similar. You could lay the storyboards over each other and see where they match.

I dunno. I think they're marvelous emotional mirror images. I think that they ask the same question and arrive at the same answer, but that together they ask a deeper question and arrive at a more complex answer than either alone.


3. On 2015-06-01, Potter said:

Watching the two over two consecutive days was a weird experience; like I had flip-flopped through two different realities and watched the same core idea carried to two different conclusions.

Both, I think, were very apocalyptic, though one was more desolate and the other more savage.


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