2005-08-15 : GenCon

Wah, my tummy feels funny. I'm so excited. I have to be at work today though!

Here are the games making their debut at GenCon that I've already gotten to play:

Breaking the Ice. It's the world's first honestly-truly romantic comedy RPG. It = awesome.

Under the Bed. Read my endorsement of it there, click on the orange to read the rest. It = awesome.

Polaris. Read my actual play writeup of it here. It = awesome.

The Mountain Witch. 100% pure samurai tragedy goodness. Actual play here. It = awesome.

All four are beautiful to hold and look at and read, too, as objects. We're getting good at this.

2005 is going to be the best year for roleplaying yet.

Oh and also so this blog thingy of mine is going to go dormant and I'm going to be essentially unreachable until let's say Thursday the 25th. Talk to you then!

1. On 2005-08-15, Clinton R. Nixon said:

Yeah, I can't wait. I just posted about it myself. This is going to be fun more than 50% of the time! Which is better than normal!

Oh, hey, Vincent? I have reservations about going to the Diana Jones awards, but probably will because of you, but if not:

You wrote the best RPG to come out last year, hands down.


direct link

This makes...
JK go "Best of the year. Agreed. Rock on."

2. On 2005-08-15, xenopulse said:


Also, have fun, wish I could go.

- Christian


3. On 2005-08-15, Ninja Monkey J said:

I like the word "debut" because you could pronounce it "da butt".


4. On 2005-08-15, John Harper said:

Agreed. Dogs is it. I would say PTA is a contender, but as our friends at RPGnet taught us, PTA is not a "real RPG." Yay!

Also, it is killing me that I can't go. I just know that next year I'll be there all alone, clutching my game in the dark and weeping.


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This makes...
GcL go "No forge-ish persson will be alone at GenCon"*

*click in for more

5. On 2005-08-15, ScottM said:

Hope GenCon's wonderful!


6. On 2005-08-16, Ninja Monkey J said:

I dunno. I've got another game on the table. I'll be there weeping in the dark with you, I think.

Cuz, you know, no one plays these role-playing games anyway. Also, the Forge is shrinking from the 3000 people when I first got there waaaay down to 5000 people.


7. On 2005-08-16, Brand_Robins said:

I won't be there this year, but I have friends with money who have been instructed to raid the Forge booth for games.

Breaking the Ice
Primetime Adventures
My Life With Master

All shall be mine.

I'm also hoping Luke can get my pal to pick up Burning Wheel on his own, cause it would be nice to play (rather than run) an Forge game for once.


8. On 2005-08-16, ScottM said:

I had been safe, largely uninterested in Polaris... until that actual play report.  Another game gets in line...


direct link

This makes...
BR go "Polaris will take over the world"
AA go "One gamer at a time... *gets in line*"
go "But that was long ago, and now there are none that remember it."
BL go "And that was how it happened."*

*click in for more

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