2005-08-25 : GenCon Oh-Five

GenCon had the awesomeness indeed.

My vote for person who should write about the Diana Jones award: Luke.

My vote for person who should write about the Under the Bed game on Thursday: Ben.

My vote for person who should write about the Wake the Drake game on Friday: me.

My vote for person who should write about the Dogs in the Vineyard game on Saturday: Matt.

My vote for person who should write about my conversations with Ron and Julie on Sunday: me.

My vote for person who should write about how well his or her game did: tied! Emily and J.

My vote for person who should write about the game design seminar on Friday: tied! Ralph and Chris.

My vote for person who should forgive me my sin: Drew.

My vote for person who should write about the social dynamics at the Forge booth, compared and contrasted with the con at large: J.

My vote for person who should write about every single game she played: Meg. (She's already started, in this thread, but I want to hear about at least two PTA games and an InSpectres game too.)

Don't write here, you people I voted for! This is what the Forge is for. I'll see you there.

1. On 2005-08-25, Matt Wilson said:

Sorry, man. If I write about that Dogs game at all, and that's a big if, and not anytime soon, it most likely won't be on a public forum.


2. On 2005-08-25, Clinton R. Nixon said:

I haven't posted about it because I want to make sure all involved are cool with me posting. But it was a hell of a game, and taught me a few things about myself.


3. On 2005-08-25, Sben said:

For those of us who don't have time to follow the Forge, could someone (Vincent?) periodically post links here to any discussions leading from these requests (like the one to Meg's Bacchanal thread)?

Much obliged, in advance.


4. On 2005-08-25, Vincent said:

Sben: sure thing!

Matt & Clinton: lord almighty do I have a lot to say about that game, but not quite the liberty to say it.

Here's a foretaste, I swiped this from an essay Meg's working on:
"I will not abandon you" vs. "Nobody gets hurt."


5. On 2005-08-25, John Harper said:

Could everyone tease us just a bit more about this Dogs game? That would be great, thanks.


6. On 2005-08-25, Vincent said:

I've posted my first post-GenCon post: My Favorite and Only puppies Demo.

It's not about the Dogs game, but man, that Dogs game was a hell of a thing.

Any time, John!


7. On 2005-08-25, Vincent said:

And now I've posted my second post-GenCon posty post post: what I played after hours.


8. On 2005-08-26, anon. said:

You don't have any topic that I'm supposed to write about?

I feel all lonely.



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This reminds...
BL of Can't you just write about all that stuff you normally do?

This makes...
GcL go "Ron, posting how he feels?"*

*click in for more

9. On 2005-08-26, Ben Lehman said:

I guess I should probably post about the Dogs game.

The problem is that there are crucial pieces of information that are pretty much private.  :-(



10. On 2005-08-26, Vincent said:

Ron, oh my GOD do I want you to write about your conceptual family tree. Oh my GOD do I.

Ben, I think we can probably talk a little about what happened without getting too into it. I'm committed to both, talking about roleplaying and keeping confidence. We'll find a way.


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BL go "Cool"*

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11. On 2005-08-26, Vincent said:

The Dogs thread has begun: [DitV]deconstructing dogs, gencon play. I think we're doing okay so far.


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CRN go "Um, really?"*
VB go "well, fuck."*
CRN go "No big deal."*
BL go "Dude?"*
CRN go "Uh-nuh."*

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12. On 2005-08-31, luke said:

Diana Jones Award? I sat with Peter Adkison and talked with him before and during the awards. Then I talked with TS Luikart about why he was going to win the ENnie and why the Monster Burner was a better book.

This should go on the Forge? I'm confusedered.


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This makes...
VB go "no sweat."*

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13. On 2005-09-19, Bunghole Bandito said:

T.S. Luikart is numero uno.


14. On 2006-03-20, Curly said:

That spam ain't totally useless.

Them's some good character names.


15. On 2006-03-20, Vincent said:

Merle Hubert, like.

I'm'a delete it anyway.


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