2005-08-25 : Dancing Vincent

Gregor Hutton took a short video of me dancing to Forge terminology after my piece of the GenCon design seminar. He's put it up as a .mov file on his site. Want to see?

1. On 2005-08-26, Meguey said:

Hehehee! Oh, I'm so happy for modern technology right now!


2. On 2005-08-26, John Harper said:

"Now write 'I dance at GenCon for Satan' on the top of your sheet."


direct link

This makes...
Shiffe go "Heh"

3. On 2005-08-27, Matt Schlotte said:

I remember that dance. Well, the dances' Vince did on rare occassions ten years ago.


4. On 2005-08-27, Hello Sailor said:

It's funny, the mental image you get of someone from just reading their writing. I'd always thought of VB as having short, brown hair and no glasses. Dunno why.


5. On 2005-08-29, Ginger Stampley said:

It's nice to know I'm not the only person who does goofy stuff in the hall at cons.


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