2005-10-14 : I Miss Trollbabe Comics

For whatever random reason, I just thought of Gwyneth in the closing strip of Avatar is Plenty, and I was like, dammit.

1. On 2005-10-14, Vaxalon said:

I miss them too.


2. On 2005-10-15, Ed Heil said:

Me too.  In a fantasy world where I get things done which I think would be cool to do, I do some of my own (with a different trollbabe).

I like that fantasy world.


3. On 2005-10-16, Ron Edwards said:

Hey guys,

Unfortunately, I realized I'd finished the whole story after the two rounds of 52 strips.

It was not a pleasant realization. Oh, I *wanted* to write more, whether about Gwyneth, or Vanth, or Oskar - maybe Mooram-Ah, too. I liked the idea of branching out from the 'babes and writing stories about the other characters, then eventually ending up in a Kurosawa-like showdown between Tha (pregnant) and Retta (who'd be in the moral right).

But you know? The story really was finished. The rest would have been fanboy extension, the different between Stan Lee's run on Spider-Man and anything that came after it. The feeling of "this must be written" was gone, replaced only with enjoyment of what *had* been written and illustrated and wanting to recapture it.

Which is a bummer. I loved doing the strip even if most people reading it busted me constantly for the style and approach I liked so much. I really, really loved working with the artists. It was a dream come true, my very own underground comix.

Gott wake up some time, I guess.

I greatly appreciate you guys remembering them and bringin' em up once in a while, though.



4. On 2005-10-16, Vaxalon said:

So there's only one Trollbabe story?

I can't beleive that's true.


5. On 2005-10-17, Ron Edwards said:

Sorry Fred, your comment is unfathomable to me. Can't tell what you're saying, asking, implying, or anything.


6. On 2005-10-17, Clinton R. Nixon said:

Have you thought at all about collecting the strips in a book? I'd buy it.


7. On 2005-10-17, Vaxalon said:

Never mind.

I know better than to even try.


direct link

This makes...
VB go "Jesus, Fred."*

*click in for more

8. On 2005-10-17, Julie, aka jrs said:

Being able to re-read the entire "Tea and Sympathy" would make me happy.  Is that squirreled away somewhere?


9. On 2005-10-17, Vincent said:

When the very last strip came out, I was like, that's not the end of Tea and Sympathy, is it? Is it? I even pretended at the Forge that I was confused about the publication schedule to protect myself.

And then I was like, oh SHIT, it is the end.

And I was like, but that's not the end of Tha and Retta, is it? Is it?

And then I was like, oh SHIT.

Hey Ron, is Tea and Sympathy available in whole? It doesn't appear on the table of contents on the Trollbabe Comics page.


10. On 2005-10-18, Ron Edwards said:

Um, Clinton oughta be the point man on that one, but what with Katrina and all, I'm not bugging him about it.



11. On 2005-10-18, Clinton R. Nixon I, Esq. said:

Dude, bug me. Is there a strip not available, because I can get on that.


direct link

This makes...
CRN go "Tea and Sympathy up!"
jrs go "thank you, thank you"

12. On 2005-10-18, Vincent said:

Yay Clinton!


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