2005-10-17 : The Coolest Thing in the World

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Plus, one of the characters is clearly Kip.

1. On 2005-10-17, Jason L Blair said:

Ah! I've been meaning to ask about this. I remembered the teaser-trailer you linked to a while back.

This is very cool and the end song sells it.


2. On 2005-10-17, Vincent said:

The end song: yes. Sweet Lord in Heaven yes.


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This makes...
jrs go "John Lott would be proud."

3. On 2005-10-17, hardcoremoose said:


And I know some of the people in the of them is even my brother-in-law.  An inexplicable pride fills me, like I'm related to a celebrity or something.  Weird.


4. On 2005-10-17, John Harper said:

Amazing. Deflecting bullets with the Faith! That's a religion I can get behind.


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This makes...
JLB go "Man, I hear ya."

5. On 2005-10-17, Nick Frankenhauser said:

Scott, *you're* proud?!  I got my name on the damn thing!!!  I can't remember the last time I had my name on anything except a collection notice...

My only question is, who is "Kip?"


6. On 2005-10-18, Vincent said:

Kip's an old good friend of mine, Meg's, Emily's.

The guy in gray with the tie, is which one.


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This makes...
NF go "Ahhhh....I see..."
MDS go "Have you shown this to Kip?"*

*click in for more

7. On 2005-10-25, Kip said:

Swear to God, I usually get this buzz, back of my neck, my ears light up red, somebody's talking about me. Not this time.

Tried downloading it here but the loud guitars interfere with the workflow. Will assess this evening and react accordingly.

(Hi, Nick! I was a Nick once. Long story.)


direct link

This makes...
KM go "Almost, but."*

*click in for more

8. On 2005-10-26, Adam Dray said:

I can /see the rules/ in that animation. That's so fucking cool.


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