2006-06-20 : NOBODY wanted to

It's morning. Morning means 6:00 these days, on account of that's when the sky is light and the kids think it's daytime.

"Mm-mm," Meg says. That means good morning.

"I had the best dream," I say.

"Mm," Meg says. That means you can tell it to me if you don't mind me sleeping through it.

"Morale was really low on the Galactica - the new Galactica," I say. "We're all hanging out in the Galactica's cafeteria, which looks just like a high school cafeteria, and morale's really low. So Commander Adama decides that the thing to do is to have a drag revue."

"Mm?" Meg says. She opens one eye.

"So we're all sitting there in the cafeteria on the Galactica and the music starts and it's 'Lady Marmalade' by Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya and Pink, from Moulin Rouge, and here comes Edward James Olmos as Commander Adama, with this lipstick on and fake eyelashes, in his Galactica uniform with the front stuffed, he has this pink gauze demi-cape and he's like sashaying between the tables.

"He's like, 'voulez vous coucher avec moi, ce soir, voulez vous coucher avec moi...'"

Meg's looking at me.

"I didn't want to know that about you," she says.

1. On 2006-06-20, ethan_greer said:

So, what happened after that?


2. On 2006-06-20, Andrew Cooper said:

While I think knowing that little bit of information about you is priceless...  I so didn't want that mental picture of Edwards James Olmos in my head.  Thank you for making me laugh and slightly nauseous at the same time.


3. On 2006-06-20, Ben Lehman said:

The revealing thing is that this was the best dream.



4. On 2006-06-20, anon. said:

I haven't even seen Galactica, but I just had to google Commander Adama so I could visualize him in drag. Beautiful. I'll have the images in my head forever.

(Kids getting up early can be a real problem in Norway this time of year - it doesn't really get very dark at night. We've bought black blinds for both bedrooms, which allows us to sleep past 5 in the morning.)


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This makes...
MH go "That was me, Matthijs."

5. On 2006-06-20, Larry Lade said:

The actual process of me reading this went exactly like this:

Chortle uncontrollably.
Catch breath.
Repeat sequence about eight times.


6. On 2006-06-20, anon. said:

The only way that would've been a better dream was if it was Lorne Greene as Commander Adama doing the drag revue.


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This makes...
jmn go "Oops! That was me..."*

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7. On 2006-06-20, Julie said:

Funny you should mention that Josh, 'cause that is exactly what I did in my head when reading it.  I watched the original as a kid and only about 10 minutes (maybe) of the new series.


8. On 2006-06-20, Meguey said:

Getting to be the first person to hear Vincent's best dreams is a fun perk of being married to him. This actually goes up there with my other favorites - the baby Muppets dream and the two vampire dreams with the super special effects. Oh, and the ones where you say "Hey, if this is a dream, then I want (random weirdness) Look, (random weirdness)!"


9. On 2006-06-21, Kaare Berg said:

ever since miami vice Edward James Olmos have held a sacred place in my screen conciousness. You just made that sooo wrong.

and I just bought the first season of MV on dvd.

As if coping with the deep eighties fashion wasn't hard enough.

whimper . . .

Oh as for early birds interrupting dreams, how come they always, always know when the dreams are really getting to be good?


10. On 2006-06-21, Ninja Monkey J said:

I'm just disappointed that I wasn't in this one so I could meet him.

In drag.


11. On 2006-06-21, Rob F. said:

Agh! Damn it, man, I was looking forward to getting Season 2 on DVD! (It's not screened in Australia yet.) Now you've gone and wrecked it for me!

Need to go scrub my brain...


12. On 2006-06-27, Curly said:

Edward James Olmos' finest role is in the "Don't Steal The Mail" flick that they show every postal worker on their first day of training.


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This makes...
lpl go "I *heart* training flicks"*

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13. On 2006-06-29, Ninja Monkey J said:

Is he in drag?


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