2006-06-21 : The Mechaton short game

For three players. Two, four or five might work too, but three's for sure.

Every army's made of two mechs, fully loaded.

Set up the world small and round, with cover mostly but not exclusively around the perimeter. Leave a clearing in the middle with only a little cover nearby.

In the clearing, put a downed satellite.

Put your mechs behind cover and near each other in your section of the perimeter.

Set the doomsday clock to 8.

At doomsday, whoever owns the satellite wins.

- - -

We played this last night, me Emily and Charles. It was good. Quick and not strategically complex, but fun.

Strategy-wise: Is the only way to win to be the second mech to touch the flag? Can you be the first to the flag and still hold it somehow? Can you hang back and still seize it at the end? I can see trying the fast grab and hold, but hanging back seems like doom to me.

Rules-wise: The new yellow dice rules rock. The new green dice rule rocks. Charles made a funny, inadventent, extremely good tactical move and knocked his dead mech down so that it fell in the one clear hex between my mech and the flag. A dead mech counts as cover, and I had no green dice, so I had to back up and go the long way around!

1. On 2006-06-22, Charles S said:

It was definitely a lot of fun. Now I need some legos (and if Kip is reading this, you are going to have to get some legos too. It definitely has a feel like Necromunda - maybe a little less role-play-ey).

It is hard to tell which the best strategy is. You and I both went for a "run and get it first" approach, and I got thrashed for it and you won (in part because I touched it first), but I think Emily's "hold back but stay in range for a last minute dash," strategy would have worked if the dice had fallen a bit differently in the last round.

A grab it first and hold it strategy would definitely require a well armored mech. IIRC, my mech that touched it first had no armor.

Actually, two fast, well-armored mechs, one with guns and one with comms, might be ideal for the grab-it-first strategy. Having two mechs staked out on it would mean that the other players would have to divide their fire.


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2. On 2006-06-23, Vincent said:

Yeah. I think I'd want two mechs pretty much just like your 4-legged guy, only with the artillery gun swapped out for a walkie talkie. One green, one blue, two red at direct fire, one yellow. Get them both on top of it as fast as possible.

To make hanging back work, you'd have to be able to inflict massive damage. A mech with 2 yellow dice would help a lot - but that's quite an investment when your army's only two mechs big.


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