2011-02-26 : The Faceless: second chance

The Faceless is a limited edition playbook for Apocalypse World. Bret Gillan, its co-creator, is offering everybody who's missed getting it a second chance, and everybody who's gotten it under the table a chance to get right.

Details right here.

1. On 2011-02-26, Guy said:

I'll see tomorrow about how to do it. I doubt we have masks around here...

Anyway, is there a page with a listing of all the LE ones and how one may be able to get them?


2. On 2011-02-26, Vincent said:

The limited edition playbooks so far are:
The Maestro D' (preorders)
The Faceless (cons or here)
The Quarantine (Shock:Human Contact kickstart)
The Hoarder (Sight for Sore Eyes benefit)


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