2011-02-23 : New Apocalypse World playbook: the hoarder

Available now, limited edition, only in the Sight for Sore Eyes benefit bundle.

Mars Colony, by Tim Koppang
Polaris, by Ben Lehman
Remember Tomorrow, by Gregor Hutton
Murderland, by Elizabeth Shoemaker
Perfect, Unrevised by Joe McDaldno
Geasa, by Jonathan Lavalee

And the aforesaid hoarder by yours truly, all for $10 to a very good cause.

1. On 2011-02-23, warren said:

I've just downloaded this (and $10 to a good cause gives me plenty of warm fuzzies too) and I really like the concept of the Hoarder on a quick read.

One thing however. The Hoarder's sex move is "If you and another character have sex, use acquisition as though your partner were an object and you?d rolled a 10+, even if you don?t have the move." But I can't find an acquisition move in the playbook: Does it mean the move "Acquisitive eye" instead?


2. On 2011-02-23, Vincent said:


It does, yes.


3. On 2011-02-23, buzz said:

I wanna be a giver, but I already own four out of those six games. Will this become generally available at some point? Just curious.


4. On 2011-02-23, John Mc said:

I hesitate to talk for Vincent, but I'd assume no.  The limited edition playbooks don't generally become public.

Of course bartering for the playbook from someone who has it is encouraged.


5. On 2011-02-23, Vincent said:


Someday I'll probably compile the Maestro D', the Faceless, Quarantine, the Hoarder, and future limited edition playbooks and publish them as a set. I have no concrete plans yet, though, and I'm not going to do it at all until there are at least 6 of them.


6. On 2011-02-23, Sam said:

The hoarder is indeed pretty cool.  But the condition for reducing the hoard's hunger is harsh.  You can only reduce it when the MC gives you an opportunity, and most of the time he can give you 0-1 opportunities per session (and if he doesn't get around to it, your hunger goes up!)?

Seems like there could be whole sessions where there the hoard's hunger is at max and there's little or nothing the hoarder can do to appease it.  Am I missing another way for the hoarder to reduce hunger?


7. On 2011-02-23, Vincent said:

Look again at that feedback loop, Sam. You roll+hunger at the beginning of the session, so the hungrier your hoard, the more likely you'll have more opportunities to feed it.

But yes, you depend upon the MC, in the person of your hoard, to give you opportunities to reduce your hoard's hunger. And yes, that means that if your hoard is pissed at you, it can ratchet its hunger up to +4 and stay there, refusing to be replenished and punishing you with the -1ongoing. Whatever you did to piss it off, you'd better make it right.


8. On 2011-02-23, buzz said:

I realized that I came off as one cheap-ass mofo who can't even spare $10 for a woman going blind. I suck!

I would love to see a compilation, sir.


9. On 2011-02-23, Meguey said:

I think you can probably donate and not get the games if you don't want them. Or, donate, get the games, then donate the duplicates to some other worthy cause, like your friendly neighborhood library.


10. On 2011-02-23, Meserach said:

Love the hoarder. What's psi-harm, though? It appears in the description of the eyeball, but I haven't seen the term psi-harm before in any AW stuff (I have the corebook, Maestro'D, and this).


11. On 2011-02-24, Vincent said:

Psi-harm is cool, and about what you'd expect!

A person suffers psi-harm from exposure to the world's psychic maelstrom. It might be first exposure, as in the case of people released from stasis, or it might be some subsequent unusual exposure.

When an NPC suffers psi-harm, the MC creates her as a threat if necessary, and then chooses any or all:
• She aggressively pursues her threat impulse. Make moves on her behalf as hard and as direct as you can.
• Her sanity shatters. She is incoherent, raving, raging or unresponsive, alive but gone.
• She abruptly changes threat type.

For players' characters, when you suffer psi-harm, roll+psi-harm suffered (typically, roll+1). On a 10+, the MC can choose 1:
• You're out of action: unconscious, trapped, incoherent or panicked.
• You're out of your own control. You come to yourself again a few seconds later, having done I-don't-know-what.
• Choose 2 from the 7?9 list below.
On a 7?9, the MC can choose 1:
• You lose your footing.
• You lose your grip on whatever you're holding.
• You lose track of someone or something you're attending to.
• You miss noticing something important.
• You take a single concrete action of the MC's choosing.
On a miss, you keep it together and overcome the psi-harm with no effect.

(from the Quarantine playbook)


12. On 2011-02-24, Meserach said:

Man but I want the Quarantine book so hard.


13. On 2011-02-24, Vincent said:

Ask around, maybe. People have it, they'll probably share.


14. On 2011-02-24, Silerias said:

Sweet Hoarder...

I already played one such guy in another life. His name was Madhy. Very pleased to meet this playbook on Apocalypse World tabletop rpg.

Tim, Ben, Gregor, Elizabeth, Joe, Jonathan, and Vincent are doing the main effort to help Karla. Our contribution is negligible amount compared to theirs.


15. On 2011-02-25, Neon Foc said:

Meserach: I have the Quarantine and will be delighted to share.  Email is rot13'd: wrnargrsbk ng tznvy qbg pbz


16. On 2011-02-26, Larry said:

FYI, that might be my favorite AW character portrait yet. I don't know why, something about the fork.


17. On 2011-02-28, Vincent said:

So now 500+ people have picked this up. Forgive me for being vulgar, but here's some analysis of who benefits.

Karla benefits most. She gets $5000+ out of it.

The people who pick up the bundle benefit next most. They each get $45 worth of games for $10. (Orly on story-games: "With a deal like that it feels like you're doing us the favour.")

I benefit next most after them, ahead of the other contributing publishers. My contribution to the bundle isn't even a game, so it doesn't represent any possible lost sales. In fact it's basically an ad for a game.

Then the other publishers benefit. Theoretically, each publisher lost a couple of sales to this, but it's pretty hard to count imaginary money, and since these were PDFs there are no real costs. What they DO get is their game into the hands of 500+ people who weren't necessarily going to buy it otherwise. If even one of those people plays the game and writes about it online, that'll make up for the lost imaginary sales, and more.

And finally, Elizabeth benefits. First the same as the other contributing publishers, then with just plain old valuable name recognition. When people read her name, they'll remember her for this. She paid the most for it, though, in the time she spent fulfilling the bundles instead of (if you follow her on twitter you know this) keeping up with other work.

Is there anyone who doesn't benefit? I don't think there is. This blows me away. The world isn't zero-sum if you're creating things.


18. On 2011-02-28, Simon C said:

More feel-good stuff:

This bundle raising money for Christchurch Earthquake Relief:

Has raised like, $35,000.

It has some of my friends' games in it!


19. On 2011-03-01, herpestesfantasticus said:

under Hx, the Hoarder playbook says "On your turn: Do you brag about your hoard or do you keep it secret? If the former, do so, and at the end tell everyone Hx+1. If the latter, deny that you?re keeping anything secret, and tell everyone Hx+1."

So, for both options, it says tell everyone Hx+1. Is this a typo or is the Hoarder just a hilariously bad liar?


20. On 2011-03-01, Vincent said:

Not a typo. I don't know that "hilariously bad liar" is the only explanation, though. Having Hx+1 with you doesn't mean that they know about your hoard, for instance.


21. On 2011-03-01, herpestesfantasticus said:

Thanks. Getting this playbook inspired us to start up a new game of apocalypse world. I'm looking forward to playing this one.


22. On 2011-03-01, Vincent said:



23. On 2011-03-01, Christian Griffen said:

Yep, everyone wins. I win not only for getting the games and feeling good about it personally, but for feeling a little less Weltschmerz than before due to everyone involved. That alone is worth a lot to me. Thanks, everyone.


24. On 2011-03-02, eggdropsoap said:

I am not getting the "a spoonful of sugar" move. Or rather, I'm getting it, but it looks out of place and decidedly un-AW-like.

A fundamental part of moves is "to do it, do it; if you do it, do it", but "sugar" doesn't lend itself to this very well. I can kind of imagine what it could look like to be interfering with someone, say, hitting on Rice to get in his pants, missing, and then spending barter to turn that into a 7?9 hit: the hoarder pulls out some nice jingle and turns Rice's eye enough that hey, maybe that wasn't such a good sweet-talking after all. Or something.

But interfering with being shot at, say, from across a field? I'm having a hard time imagining what that spend would look like, where the jingle would go ("augh, my lucky penny I keep in my chest pocket" only passes "make it real" once), who it's being spent on, etc.

It's worse when I think about how this move could be triggered fictionally. So here the hoarder goes, interfering with Kreider trying to open his brain to the maelstrom and then the hoarder throws some jingle at his head, I guess? Ok, that's a stretch but I suppose. But helping him open his brain, what could the hoarder possibly do with a fistful of jingle that would make Kreider's brain-opening better, or make the maelstrom more amenable to probing? I dunno, I'm just not feeling it either way.

So is this a move that just didn't get the love and attention it should have in the cradle, or am I just looking at it from the wrong angle? I love everything else; help me get this nail to stop sticking up!


25. On 2011-03-02, Vincent said:

Oh sure. My answer might not help you, though, you might still not love it.

See how nobody gets the barter, it just disappears? That's because the move is between the hoarder and the maelstrom. It's plain magic, every bit as magic as the hocus' and the brainers' weirdest moves.

In play, as MC, don't insist that the hoarder do anything at all, beyond what's required for the roll to help or interfere. "I'm helping by providing covering fire. I spend 1-barter to make it a +2."

There is a mistake in it, which is the name. It's supposed to be "money is power." The spoonful of sugar thing is a relic of production, just like how in the sex move it says "acquisition" instead of "acquisitive eye."


26. On 2011-03-02, Seth Ben-Ezra said:

And now I'm having Unknown Armies flashes again. The hoarder is an AW version of the plutomancer, eh?


27. On 2011-03-03, eggdropsoap said:

Vincent, that totally helps. I can buy the "it's maelstrom magic" angle. With a hoarder in play, that would give me as MC an interesting thing to chew on: What does that say about the nature of the maelstrom?

If I remake the hoarder as an octavio fold (I'm not a fan of the brochure fold books) I'll be sure to fix the names.


28. On 2011-03-07, Tim said:

Picked up this bundle and I feel that I benefit enormously. I love AW and would have run a game already, but all my oldest player is 14... so I would need to tone it down some. You cannot decide for other people what their children hear.

I am from the Netherlands, in Europe. We tend to think of the US as an enormous and powerful nation, so I do find it strange that health care is not fully provided. Here all her costs would be insured. I hope that all goes well for Karla and her daughter.


29. On 2011-03-12, Ceraph said:

Hi, recovering powergamer here ^_^ and hence sensitive to this sort of thing, but it looks like the first Hoarder stat line Cool-1 Hard-1 Hot+1 Sharp+2 Weird+2 is 'better' than any other +2/+2 stat line (f.ex. the Savvyhead or Brainer) at a net +3.

A glitch, or is there a conscious design decision there?  Some philosophical reflection on the revaluing of single-minded greed in a world of scarcity?  ^_^

Another question, if I may- is there an intention that the hoard will be hungry for more of the same items that it contains?  Just wondering about the dynamics when the Hoarder of 'relics & waste of the golden age past' meets the Quarantine...


30. On 2011-03-14, Vincent said:

1) A glitch, I think, but treat it as intentional and see how it goes.

2) No such intention. It's all to the MC's vision of the hoard's inner life. This thing you say about the hoarder + the quarantine, though, that's a great opportunity and I hope the MC seizes it.


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