2014-05-19 : AW:Dark Age: Picking Back Up

AW:Dark Age

Let's try something a little different, not a countdown in days this time.

Before I can release the playtest document, there are ... 9 more things I need to do. Some are easy, some are harder, but the hardest should take only a few hours to do and the easiest just a few minutes. With luck and a bit of grace from the universe, doing one per day shouldn't be impossible.

I'm not going to list them by name or anything, but I'll count them off as I do them. Cool? Go!


1. On 2014-05-19, Tom Lawrence said:



2. On 2014-05-19, Joao said:

Super Cool!


3. On 2014-05-19, TimF said:

I am happy.


4. On 2014-05-19, Jeremy L. said:



5. On 2014-05-20, Ich said:

Excellent news!


6. On 2014-05-20, Jasin said:

Looking forward to it!


7. On 2014-05-20, Kaptain B said:

Apocalypsly cool!


8. On 2014-05-20, Per said:

Looking forward to it.


9. On 2014-05-20, Bean965 said:

Anything I can do to help?


10. On 2014-05-20, JMendes said:

Synchronicity is cool. When I saw this post, it said 9 things on the body, and there were 9 new comments and I went hmmm!... :)

Yeah cool. Go, Vincent, go! :)


11. On 2014-05-21, Jayna said:

yes, cool. Still waiting on pins and needles though!


12. On 2014-05-22, Gwathdring said:



13. On 2014-05-22, Troels Ken said:

There be omens and portents...


14. On 2014-05-24, Tom Lawrence said:

That's one down! Hurray!


15. On 2014-05-26, Kristobald said:

Very good news!
End of May should be great! :D


16. On 2014-05-27, Warren said:



17. On 2014-05-28, fealoro said:

Not intended to pressure, but...
Any news?

(ok, yes, I pressure ;) )


18. On 2014-05-28, Vincent said:

News when there's news!


19. On 2014-05-29, ll said:

Looking forward to it !! ^_^


20. On 2014-05-29, Neal said:

I was seriously impressed by the bit you did release and I'm really looking forward to seeing anything new.


21. On 2014-05-30, Vincent said:

I was all "doing one per day shouldn't be impossible"! Wasn't I cute.


22. On 2014-05-31, nerdwerds said:

We're down to seven!


23. On 2014-06-02, Max said:

As long as it goes down...


24. On 2014-06-03, Ich said:

Vincent, I was thinking it might be interesting to see how Kickstarting AW:DA would affect its 'take off.'  What are your thoughts on that?


25. On 2014-06-04, Vincent said:

Ich: I have lots of thoughts and plans! I'm not ready to go public with any of them, given that as yet there's not even a game.


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